TRIGGER WARNING - F/up On Abuse By Geddert

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Wow. Honestly thought this case was on permanent backburner. I’ll be tuned in tomorrow to see what happens
Such great news to wake up to.

I assume it will be related to his role in the Nassar situation, but is it possible that it’s actually related to his treatment of his gymnasts?
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Right. Either or both or maybe something else – its all possible. I mean the investigation was in the context of the Nassar prosecution. But that does not mean they found something prosecutable directly related to Nassar when they were looking at Geddert, nor does it mean they did not find other non-Nassar related prosecutable offenses during the investigation. We will find out soon enough. Press Conference in 2 hours and 20 minutes!!!
Thanks @JaJa. Hypothetically, if the charges relate to the physical/verbal/emotional abuse he subjected his gymnasts to, would this be the first time that criminal charges are brought forth regarding those types of abuse? At least in the context of elite gymnastics?
you will not see criminal charges for emotional abuse I don’t think. Generally, its not a crime. Its very hard even to do a civil suit on that basis. I do not practice in that area, but generally that kind of lawsuit would require at a minimum that you had “been in the line of fire” and had some real fear of physical harm. Lets see what happens – the press conference is now 30 minutes away, but my guess is it just was not all that hard to find multiple instances of actual physical abuse in Geddert’s case. Possibly some kind of accessory charges with regard to Nassar’s actions.
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Holy crap guys.

“JUST IN: Fmr. USA Gymnastics head coach John Geddert is formally charged with 24 felonies. 20 counts of human trafficking, 2 criminal sexual conduct, 1 racketeering, 1 lying to peace officers.”

The human trafficking charges are related to the forced labor resulting in injury to 19 people, six of whom are minors. One of the people has two charges connected to them.

The trafficking charges all are alleged to have occurred between 2008 and 2018. Geddert could face up to 20 years in prison for the six charges involving minors and up to 15 for the other 14 charges.

The two sexual assault charges involve a 13 to 16-year-old person. The victim is the same in both charges. First-degree sexual assault can carry a sentence of up to life in prison.

Geddert’s charge of racketeering stems from the trafficking charges and allege he trafficked 15 of the victims, known only by their initials, for financial gain. The listed address for racketeering is 9410 Davis Highway in Dimondale, which is the building formerly used by Twistars.
JaJa, as our resident lawyer, I will defer to you in trying to fully understand these charges. But is that first-degree sexual assault charge saying that Geddert himself is charged with sexually assaulted a minor? rather than “just” knowing and covering up the assaults Nassar carried out?
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That’s…shocking. I wonder what will actually stick? If he doesn’t go to prison on some of it then it will be very disappointing.
Holy Moly. So I missed the press conference because I had to jump onto a fast Zoom court conference. I looked up the Michigan penal code just now and first degree sexual assault in Michigan is actual penetration (i.e. Geddert himself did it) plus at least one aggravating condition which can include the victim being 13 or under (or 16 or under plus other attendant aggravating conditions) but there are a host of potential aggravating conditions. Anyway, it does mean Geddert himself did it. NOT that he knew Nassar was doing it. I have to get back to work now but I will look at the trafficking charges later and see what those are. Just off the top of my head my guess is Geddert is toast.
Thanks JaJa. (how dare the courts demand you do your job when there are press conferences to be watching!) Appreciate all the translating the law and lawyer-speak you’ve done for us over the years.

And, yeah, Geddert is toast was my feeling, too.

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