Shilese Jones vs. Rebeca Andrade

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So Rich proposed that we should compare Shilese and Rebeca, winner takes all!!! (okay, not quite that intensely.) But those who like judging and are able, who comes out on top using these most recent routines? (I just grabbed one of each, I think I got the best ones)

Rebeca Vault:

Rebeca Bars:

Rebeca Beam:

Rebeca Floor: file not found…sub in last year’s world’s score. 14.066 was her best
Rebeca’s top scores: 14.466, 15.200, 14.767, 14.066, 58.499

Shilese Vault:

Shilese Bars:

Shilese Beam:

Shilese FX:

Shilese’s top scores/AA: 14.400, 15.000, 14.300, 14.100, 57.800

what is the code for making the videos embed? eta: thanks @rylat
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what is the code for making the videos embed?
Put the url on its own line and hit enter. It automatically embeds if you do that.

For example:

Rebecca Andrade beam:

put the url here

Rebecca Andrade floor:

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They are VERY comparable gymnasts … EXCEPT on vault. That’s where Andrade simply is clearly better. And it’s why she likely will get 2nd behind Biles.
It’s hilariously fictional. 5.9 D-score + 8.867 E-score. More like an 8.3 or something like that.
I just had her at an 8.5. She doesn’t even pause before the dismount. I think her longest pause was before her freaking full turn?

Andrade – and Jones too – is a gymnast with so few built-in deductions. I think if they both hit, Andrade would have a slight advantage on every apparatus. Jones might actually beat her on beam. But a hit floor from Andrade should score a mid 14, and we’ve seen her bars go 15+ internationally

I have more faith in Jones to hit, though. Last year, Andrade had more wiggle room for errors. This year, she doesn’t have that and obviously has Biles to contend with
It depends on if Andrade has a Cheng back for Worlds or just a DTY.
If no Cheng, then it will be super tight between both. Could be a step out of bounds on floor that would determine the difference.
Yes but you would have to agree that that is quite rare nowadays unlike in the 80s or 90s(especially since new life)
You’re right there isn’t the same level of absolute chaos as there used to be, which was fun, but we still see a lot of tight races. I do think it’s also kind of fun that in some cases the race for gold becomes a race for bronze when a fall occurs from one of the very top athletes. Like I do enjoy that you’re not out of it after one fall if you can be that much better than the competition on your next events. Like Bross needing the floor routine of her life to win bronze in 2010 or Murakami really rallying on floor in 2017 to come back from her beam fall but coming up just short of 3rd.

With the seeded finals the story also isn’t quite as dramatic. Everything is a direct comparison whereas in the 90s anybody could be anywhere. The favorite could be ending on beam but the surprise leader is ending on bars.
I have to assume it’s more likely than not that Andrade will have the Cheng at Worlds. She has done this before: vault just a DTY leading up to Worlds (and skip floor), and then bring it all at Worlds when she needs to peak. As someone with 3 ACL tears, she’s figured out smart training, competing, and pacing so her body holds up.

So I don’t think the AA comparison using the DTY will be as accurate as subbing in her Cheng scores from Worlds last year.
I can’t think of anyone who won a World or Olympic AA title ending on beam. Here are the ending events I remember, and please fill in the ones I’m missing:

1984 Retton VT
1985(t) Omelianchik ?
1985(t) Shushunova ?
1987 Dobre ?
1988 Shushunova VT
1989 Boguinskaya ?
1991 Zmeskal FX
1992 Gutsu VT
1993 Miller VT
1994 Miller VT
1995 Podkopayeva VT
1996 Podkopayeva FX
1997 Khorkina UB
1999 Olaru VT ?
2000 who really won?
2001 Khorkina FX
2003 Khorkina FX
2004 Patterson FX
2005 Memmel FX
2006 Ferrari FX ?
2007 Johnson FX
2008 Liukin FX
2009 Sloan FX
2010 Mustafina FX
2011 Wieber FX
2012 Douglas FX
2013 Biles FX
2014 Biles FX
2015 Biles FX
2016 Biles FX
2017 Hurd FX
2018 Biles FX
2019 Biles FX
2020 Lee FX
2021 Melnikova FX ?
2022 Andrade FX

I think 2001 must have been when they started grouping the top qualifiers together starting the AA on VT and ending on FX.

So nobody since then who didn’t qualify in the top group starting on VT has managed to win? Boring. You’d think somebody would have an off day in Qualification and then bounce back to win.

Khorkina 97 is the only person I can think of who won ending on bars but I need help filling in those years with question marks and the preceding years.
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Interesting question. I can’t think of any winners that ended on beam. However if we widen the scope to silver/bronze then Produnova moved in to the medals (for an eventual bronze) after an excellent (bar her mount wobble) beam routine in 97.
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