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Is that a permanent setting? I assume it is automatic and people aren’t putting black boxes in their posts. Is there maybe a way to “personalize” it? We are expecting only adults for the site (right?), so is it even necessary?
[word censor test content edited out]

…I’m running out of swears. I apparently don’t know many.
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I’m a little confused… is this really that important? This is a gymnastics discussion forum. What value is actually being added by dropping f-bombs all over?

Of course the software could handle a list of tens of thousands of block words and altered spellings… but that would really just be a pain.
@makam I’m currently running a gymnastics meet getting ready to compete my level 9’s & 10’s. At the same time we have a TV setup at scoring so we can watch Winter Cup.

In the meantime… you’re defeating the word censor with sexually explicit words.

I understand that other sites let everything fly all the time… but again… what value does it add?
@falcon9 I don’t know, we’re adults. I can see blocking racist language (haven’t even tried those and not planning on to) but the black boxes when we all know someone is saying the word that “shoot” replaces feels infantile. I think adults should be allowed to drop an fbomb in regards to the Geddert situation.
I’m sure we can all work together to get the site to a point where everyone is happy… a little compromise on both sides.
Yes, and I think the criticism of you for making this point is a bit unfair. If it’s going to take forever to sort and Falcon doesn’t want the faff, that’s totally reasonable, but so was asking if we as grown ups could have the facility to drop a few f bombs. I can manage with regional vulgarities, and having just checked a few of them it doesn’t seem to be familiar with some of my favourite British and Irish terms. But if there’s a way to just turn it off without it having to take much time, which I realise there may not be, it would be worth us as a community considering it.
Yeah, I’m not asking for immediate results and I don’t know what the limitations of the software are, but I thought a discussion would still be valuable. And well, some of the basic swears are a part of everyday language at this point, the black box blocking almost calls more attention to them than just allowing them through.
Give me some time to talk with the rest of the staff. We can definitely compromise.

I’m not saying the site needs to be “G” rated… but I don’t want people to look at the content and decide that it’s just a trash site either.
We didn’t have any censorship on WWGym and managed to run a perfectly intelligent, engaging forum. I also think that we censor each other. I think that someone expressing racist or bigoted views or supporting abuse is far more offensive than an f-bomb. We are all adults (I can’t think of any underage members) and can manage how we interact with each other without forced censorship.

These are just my views, however I appreciate that it may be difficult to remove all censorship.
We didn’t have any censorship on WWGym and managed to run a perfectly intelligent, engaging forum.
I trust you all… just make sure it stays WWGym style and not GGMB style.

Please read all of the rules at the following link…
Forum Rules General Gymn
This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion Please treat this discussion forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shared community resource — a place to share skills, knowledge and interests through ongoing conversation. These are not hard and fast rules, merely guidelines to aid the human judgment of our community and keep this a clean and well-lighted place for civilized public discourse. Improve the Discussion Help us make this a great place for discussion…
All word blocks have been removed.
This place is going to be great. Lot’s of fantastic discussion going on already. Definitely excited to see how this place progresses.
More members are finding out about the switch and name change.
I wonder if we can do a redirect from that would lead the viewer here.

Also it is quiet right now in the gymnastics World, once Nationals, Trials, and Olympics get closer we will see tremendous discussion started. We were always busiest around the Olympics.
Hitch said he will put a redirect there tonight. I actually asked him to do it the day we announced the partnership, but it’s hard for him to find time to do these things.

Also, glad we sorted out the censoring. It was a sort of default setting and I am glad that discussing it was the way to sort it out. I think it’s better to let people say the words they want and then have members respond if someone was wrong — we can even delete a post or edit one if someone uses a word that really just goes too far.
Thanks, Denn! I thought we discussed putting a re-direct up, but when I checked this morning and it wasn’t there, I wondered it it wasn’t possible because of the hack and/or I was imagining things.

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