November 2022 National Team Camp

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There’s a camp going on. Any one got any information?
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It’s the only one I like. The patchwork like one is terrible.
Okay who is Ella Murphy’s coach and why are they having her do the Komova. Literally no point compared to a Van Leeuwen.
Okay who is Ella Murphy’s coach
She is at WOGA Frisco with Blakely. Coaches are Sonia and Emmanuel.

Sonia (Sun Haiou) used to be a National Team coach for China. She coached Bai Yawen. Emmanuel is possibly from MEAUX Gymnastique in France and seems to have taken Marchenko’s place coaching at Frisco since after Winter Cup '22.

I say possibly because he’s wearing a MEAUX jacket in one of Blakley’s videos. I have no idea who this guy is and only know his name is Emmanuel because it was listed shortly after Nationals on a news piece on the front page of WOGA’s website.

Maybe she just has a feel for it compared to the Van Leeuwen? Or maybe they want to have different entries into the skill for routine-building purposes.
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I’ve never heard of someone having an easier time with an Inbar Shaposh 1/2 than a Toe-on. The only routine composition I could see wanting to do it is if there are two Shaposh 1/2’s. Even then, she has done stalders, so I’d be looking into that option to help avoid a flexed foot deduction.
Maybe she’s already got 3 toe ons?

Grasping at straws here, too.

IMO, I think all shap halfs, except the komova, should go down to D. I could get on board with downgrading the toe to D but leaving the stalder/clear hip/inbar at E. but really the toe shap 1/2 is no harder than a Ray and that got pulled down to D. it would also be consistent with how they evaluate toe on flight skills on the HB.
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Wow were they having an ugly leo competition? The geometric one is just awful and the dark red/white lace one looks like something the Russians were wearing 5-10 years ago

KATY, Texas (November 21, 2022) - Twenty-six elite junior and senior gymnasts assembled at Stars Gymnastics November 16-20 for Women’s National Team camp. Athletes in attendance worked with National Team staff on mastering basics in addition to training new skills.

Dr. Dave Tilley provided gymnasts and coaches information and training on injury prevention and introduced exercises athletes can incorporate into their regular routines.

(I reorganized the roster by gyms:)

Airborne Gymnastics - Nola Matthews

Brandy Johnson’s - Charlotte Booth

Buckeye - Izzy Stassi
Buckeye - Kelise Woolford

First State - Audrey Snyder

GAGE - Amelia Disidore
GAGE - Annalisa Milton
GAGE - Malea Milton
GAGE - Marissa Neal

Love Gymnastics - Alicia Zhou

Metroplex - Katelyn Jong
Metroplex - Zoey Molomo

Pacific Reign - Jayla Hang
Pacific Reign - Simone Rose

San Mateo Gymnastics - Myli Lew

WCC - Dulcy Caylor
WCC - Amari Drayton
WCC - Zoe Miller
WCC - Joscelyn Roberson
WCC - Tiana Sumanasekera

WOGA - Levi Jung-Ruivivar
WOGA - Ella Murphy
WOGA - Ella Kate Parker
WOGA - Claire Pease
WOGA - Hezly Rivera
WOGA - Ashlee Sullivan
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