Mersin Challenge Cup/ RomGym Trophy

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Two events this weekend as teams prepare for Worlds

The FIG need to do better with Mersin - as far as I can tell it has no scoring other than PDFs posted on social media, and while previous years finals have been streamed there’s no sign of that at the moment this year. The entry list is not the strongest.

The RomGym Trophy apparently does have streaming at this Youtube channel:

Women’s competition is tomorrow afternoon. The entry list features all the Romanians as well as what might well be Spain’s team for Worlds and also groups from Finland, Norway and Poland. Shallon Olsen and Laurie Denommee are listed for Canada and Filipa Martins for Portugal.
Mersin day 1 qualifying results


Roberson has much better connection to music, expression and eye contact. Voinea has cleaner form when she does Silivas.
The difficulty is promising but the artistry deductions should be the maximum you can take.
The Netherlands WAG team also had their first trial for Worlds today (there will be a second in a couple of weeks)

There are some videos on this Youtube channel

Looks like there were a few falls on bars and floor, but I’d say that looks pretty good for them.
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I thought Maneca-Voinea’s routine was good until the choreo after her third tumbling run. She should do a Johnson 1/2 instead of the double tuck dismount and focus on better choreo. I saw Ghigoarta’s BB too but otherwise have yet to see routines. That’s so promising! Yay for Romania!

Great scores for the Dutch. Visser likely fell or had a major error on UB. Should be looking at a 55.0 for a clean program. That’s huge. Yay for Wevers hitting beam, too

this is way better than I expected. She twists fast

Um Ghigoarta’s Church?!
Screen Shot 2023-09-02 at 7.51.12 PM

This is the Romanian team I would use in TQ
VT: (Ghigoarta) Cosman, Barbosa, Maneca-Voinea
UB: (Preda) Cosman, Ghigoarta, Barbosu
BB: (Cosman/Preda) Barbosu, Ghigoarta, Maneca-Voinea
FX: (Ghigoarta) Cosman, Barbosu, Maneca-Voinea
The only change I would make is having Ceplinschi or Stanciulescu instead of Preda, if Ceplinschi looks better after a month. Maneca-Voinea’s bars really can’t be used in TQ. Sucks for her but if the team wants to make Paris, then she needs to sit the event out
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IIRC he was placed on the banned list a long time ago.

Probably went to prison since he’s on the sex offender list.
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