Jade Carey laid out triple double

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I can’t believe they kept this a surprise for so long! Obviously the form is…questionable in places but still, cool to see!
(I’m sorry I can’t figure out how to embed videos)

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Really cool, but very risky!!!

Does she do it in prelims, make an error and get 2 per’d?
Or does she hold it for finals?

I would think she would hold it for FX finals…but what if she doesn’t make it?
Suni isn’t likely challenging for that 2nd spot but another American could sneak in. McCallum was 2 per’d from floor as well in 2019. USA went 1-2-3-9 in Stuttgart.
A different angle from podium where you can see where she started from.

And one from her training at home which is 800 million times better, but I don’t think is in bounds for a regular floor.

That is awesome. I sincerely hope she pulls it out for floor finals, or even qualis if needed. The US is so stacked that she made need to throw it to even have a chance at FX finals. Chiles is looking really good at the moment and her attempt seems cleaner.
So when do we think she will compete this? Seems like it’s very risky but I hope she lands if at least once and gets the Carey.
There was discussion in the other thread. If she throws it in qualifications and messes up she could get two-per’d out of the FX final, but if she throws it in the final and messes up, she’d be throwing away an Olympic medal.

If she can actually do one anywhere near as good as the training video on the competition floor then I say do it in qualifications and get it named.
That’s the impression I got as well. She said on her Instagram that she was happy to put it on the podium.
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Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 12.13.21 AM

Her turned in knee
Given the FIG’s progression on floor, I can’t see them awarding this higher than a K, and a Biles II would already be well worth her while at a J. Her tucked version looked very doable from vids in 2019 or early 2020:

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