2024 US national team camps

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April 1-4 national team camp

Camp attendees
Simone Biles — Spring, Texas/World Champions Centre
Skye Blakely — Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Ly Bui — Swisher, Iowa/Great American Gymnastics Express
Dulcy Caylor — Spring , Texas/World Champions Centre
Jordan Chiles — Vancouver, Wash./World Champions Centre
Norah Christian — Bremerton, Wash./Cascade Elite West
Lavi Crain — Blue Springs, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express
Kayla DiCello — Boyds, Md./Hill’s Gymnastics
Reese Esponda — Missoula, Mont./Roots Gymnastics
Addison Fatta — Wrightsville, Pa./Prestige Gymnastics
Kieryn Finnell — Pittsford, N.Y./RGA
Addy Fulcher — Gastonia, N.C./Bull City Gymnastics
Jayla Hang — Bellevue, Wash./Pacific Reign Gymnastics
Gabrielle Hardie — Sioux Falls, S.D./Twin City Twisters
Madray Johnson — Dallas, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Shilese Jones — Auburn, Wash./Ascend Gymnastics Center
Katelyn Jong — Allen, Texas/Metroplex Gymnastics
Kaliya Lincoln — Frisco, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Eveylynn Lowe — Blue Springs, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express
Nola Matthews — Gilroy, Calif./Airborne Gymnastics Training Center
Jaysha McClendon — Scottsdale, Ariz./Rebound Gymnastics West
Caroline Moreau — Keller, Texas/Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Marissa Neal — Blue Springs, Mo./Great American Gymnastics Express
Claire Pease — Sunnyvale, Texas/WOGA Gymnastics
Hezly Rivera — Oradell, N.J./WOGA Gymnastics
Joscelyn Roberson — Texarkana, Texas/World Champions Centre
Simone Rose — Sammamish, Wash./Pacific Reign Gymnastics
Izzy Stassi — Delaware, Ohio/Performance Gymnastics Academy
Tiana Sumanasekera — Pleasanton, Calif./World Champions Centre
Trinity Thomas — York, Pa./University of Florida Gymnastics
Tyler Turner — San Jose, Calif./Airborne Gymnastics Training Center
Alicia Zhou — San Antonio, Texas/Love Gymnastics
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Per Scott Bregman: here is the criteria for an invite to April camp:

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National team members not on the list:
Jade Carey (NCAA)
Amelia Disidore
Zoe Milelr (injury?)
Leanne Wong (NCAA)
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We don't know if Roberson is doing selection. Typically not everyone at national team camp puts themselves forth for assignments.
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Myli isn't a national team member and didn't finish high enough at Winter Cup to get an invite.
April Camp 2024.jpg

Competition is tomorrow.

9:50am ET - Beam and Floor
5:30pm ET - Vault and Uneven Bars

Streaming on FlipNow for $10

Pac Rim and Jesolo teams to be announced Wednesday, April 3rd.
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Anyone have a FlipNow account and able to watch? I'll be on the road most of tomorrow.
Do we know if Trinity is going for an assignment? Both comps clash with NCAA Nationals, so maybe dependant on if Florida make it?
Trinity is a student coach, so if she gets an assignment I assume she would go to the international assignment and just rely on USAG coaching staff.
Athletes competing for an assignment today (per USAG twitter)

Dulcy Caylor
Jordan Chiles
Norah Christian
Reese Esponda
Addison Fatta
Kieryn Finnell
Jayla Hang
Madray Johnson
Katelyn Jong
Eveylynn Lowe
Nola Matthews
Marissa Neal
Hezly Rivera
Simone Rose
Tiana Sumanasekera
Trinity Thomas
Alicia Zhou

Lavi Crain
Addy Fulcher
Gabrielle Hardie (Bars Only)
Jaysha McClendon
Caroline Moreau
Claire Pease
Tyler Turner
Just turned it on. Do they count OOB at these? So far, Nola Matthews has gone out at least 3 times, with one being during a dance portion.

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