July US Team Camp/Pan AM Selection

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Finally, some excitement!

Pan Am Selection
Ciena Alipio, Midwest Gymnastics Center
Skye Blakely, WOGA Gymnastics
Charlotte Booth, Brandy Johnson’s Global Gymnastics
Kayla DiCello, Hill’s Gymnastics
Addison Fatta, Prestige Gymnastics
Katelyn Jong, Metroplex Gymnastics
Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Twin City Twisters
Lauren Little, Everest Gymnastics
Nola Matthews, Airborne Gymnastics Training Center
Zoe Miller, World Champions Centre
Elle Mueller, Twin City Twisters
Brooke Pierson, WOGA Gymnastics
Joscelyn Roberson, North East Texas Elite Gymnastics
Katelyn Rosen, Twin City Twisters
Lexi Zeiss, Twin City Twisters

Dulcy Caylor, World Champions Centre
Norah Christian, Cascade Elite West
Nicole Desmond, First State Gymnastics
Kieryn Finnell, Rochester Gymnastics Academy
Jayla Hang, Pacific Reign Gymnastics
Avery King, WOGA Gymnastics
Zoey Molomo, Metroplex Gymnastics
Ella Murphy, /WOGA Gymnastics
Michelle Pineda, Metroplex Gymnastics
Christiane Popovich, Midwest Gymnastics Center
Hezly Rivera, WOGA Gymnastics
Simone Rose, Pacific Reign Gymnastics
Audrey Snyder, First State Gymnastics
Izzy Stassi, Gym X-Treme
Tiana Sumanasekera, West Valley Gymnastics School
Gabby Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme
Finley Weldon, WOGA Gymnastics
Kelise Woolford, Buckeye Gymnastics
Alicia Zhou, Love Gymnastics

other attendees
Jade Carey, Oregon State University Gymnastics Academy
Shilese Jones, Ascend Gymnastics Center
Sunisa Lee, Midwest Gymnastics Center
Konnor McClain, WOGA Gymnastics
Ashlee Sullivan, WOGA Gymnastics

Madray Johnson, WOGA Gymnastics
Does the “other attendees” designation mean they aren’t trying to make the Pan Ams team, but are attending national team camp to stay in the mix for Worlds selection?
This is the first camp since Alicia, Chellsie and the guy where put into their new positions (which I cannot remember). I hope the new arrangement is an improvement for the gymnasts and I hope it somehow leads to more info (scores?) being released to fans.

(I read that long thread about the roles of the three people but all I remember was the discussion about whether Alicia was qualified to serve. I remember very little about what each person actually will do.)

I hope Shilese Jones manages to put all the pieces together at the same time and has some great meets this year.
Does the “other attendees” designation mean they aren’t trying to make the Pan Ams team, but are attending national team camp to stay in the mix for Worlds selection?
I would imagine so. This is a combination of NT camp and Pan Am Trials (meet held at conclusion of camp).
I think this is a smart approach to increase attendance at camp, but also not make it a requirement to compete for a team spot if you are not interested or in competition shape.

It also makes sense as Alicia stated that she wants ALL national team members to compete internationally. So this enables Jones and McClain to take a “break” mid season after coming off the Jesolo competition and makes it clear to the selection committee that they are attending camp but do not want to be considered for the assignment. It’s definitely allowing for more athlete voice and choice IMO.

I am definitely shocked to see Suni attending as she hadn’t stated any goals for elite for this year.
But, maybe she has no plans to compete this year, or at least internationally, but just wants to stay in elite consideration by attending camps. I hope she at least competes bars and beam at Nationals.

I wonder why Chiles did not elect to attend camp since she went to the last one.
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There’s some current national team members (that haven’t made their intention to compete level 10, move to NCAA, retire, or otherwise take a break) not on the list. I’m curious if they’re hurt or what.

Kailin Chio
Jordan Chiles
Amari Drayton
Karis German
Kaliya Lincoln
Leanne Wong

Myli Lew
Ella Kate Parker
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Ava Siegfeldt isn’t at camp either and she is a NT member. I think she recently did level 10 but not sure if she wanted to continue with elite or stick with 10 until she heads to OU.

Drayton has been injured all year.

Karis German competed at DTB cup earlier this season.

Not sure why Jordan and Leanne are not at this camp as they were at the last one.
I’m really hoping Chiles and Wong are missing because they got the feedback they needed on their routines last camp, they aren’t going for Pan Ams, and they said “We’d rather stay home and train for Classics since we’re qualified” and the NT staff said, “Sounds good, we’ve talked and you know where you stand, see you there.”
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Ava Siegfeldt isn’t doing elite any more, which is why I didn’t include her. Why USAG still has her on the NT list is beyond me. Siegfeldt was very clear she was dropping back to level 10 for 21-22 for her senior year of HS.
How abour Sydney Barros?
If that’s questioning RedBirdie’s list, it is because Barros is not on the National Team.

If its just asking in general, not 100% sure. Others from WCC are going, so she is either injured or maybe she is stepping down to level 10 before UCLA, but she’s not entering UCLA until fall of 2024 so still two more years.
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Jeez, my bad. I had her on there but must have accidentally deleted her name when i went to alphabetize the list.
Sydney Barros posted on TikTok in April that she tore her ACL and meniscus. Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see her in competition again until she gets to UCLA.
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TCT posted on instagram that Lexi Zeiss and Elle Mueller were named to the Pan Am team.


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