2024 Chinese National Championships + Trials

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I only want Ou Yushan on the team (assuming no further progress) if Zhang Qingying is still restricted to just BB by the end of June. Even without the vault upgrade materializing, Qingying still has a slightly higher scoring potential across the events they will be used on (neither is doing UB in team final) and is at least equal in consistency, while also having a better chance for an individual BB medal.

If one of Du Siyu or Zhang Yihan has an injury or some other problem in the coming months, then it should be Huang Zhuofan taking that spot.
BTW, what happened to Wei Xiaoyuan?
She struggled through most of 2023, she made the University Games team but didn't do well there, went back to her provincial team, then came back to the National team training center earlier this year. She was physically present on the floor at these Championships but I don't believe she competed. She isn't in the mix this year, we will probably see her at the National Games next year.

In other news Shang Chunsong just won gold in the women's freestyle at an FIG World Cup for Parkour in Montpellier. She posted a video of her performance in the final with her reaction to seeing that she was in 1st here: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:5033454748762135?from=old_pc_videoshow

Live Results

Shang Chunsong - 2024 Parkour World Cup.png
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I just cannot get into Qiu Qiyuan. I know she has great difficulty and good execution, but just the posture and lines gives me Chunsong vibes. I don't know how to explain it. Just something off. Like, no fluidity. And there's always something that just sticks out of place, somehow.

Zhou Yaqin on the other hand - that's just gorgeous beam and it deserves the Gold in Paris if she can put it all together. I wish she had a complex choreographic sequence in there though.

I just do not want to see Simone winning beam. Sorry not sorry. The list of past Olympic beam champions already has Shawn Johnson (which says more about the CoP for that Quad, and LSS falling, than anything else).
But the fact that she is a three-time World champion (five-time World medalist) and two-time Olympic medalist is allowable?
I really do not care for her beam. I'm on the record many many times on this point. I can respect her ability to hit. I admit her routines have been constructed well for the codes, even if I don't think her routines truly show mastery of the event. But would I rather she not be a multiple time world beam champion and an Olympic medalist? Yep, absolutely.
I appreciate her rhythm, acro series, and dismount. Her extension isn’t terrible, but It’s never made sense to me that her acro is so dumpy and whippy.

That being said, the emotional side of me always wants her to win everything, especially after Tokyo. It’s so good for growing the audience of the sport.

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