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Marissa Neal, Reese Esponda, Norah Christian, and Nola Matthews are who was left at verification that didn't get an assignment. Marissa Neal actually tied with Thomas in the AA but Thomas was selected for this over her.

Camp scores.png

Neal and Christian are competing at the American Classic this Saturday, Esponda just changed gyms, and Matthews only verified BB/FX so maybe dealing with an injury? Just trying to guess reasons they may have all declined a last minute sprint down to Colombia (if USAG even offered them the opportunity.)

Esponda and Matthews are already on the National Team, but Neal and Christian are not. Pac Rim assignment would have put them on the team (though at this point, only for about a month until Nationals.)

The remaining team is Finnell, Hang, Johnson, and Rose.

pac rim.png
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It's a popular grocery store chain with organic foods, etc. Similar to Trader Joes or Whole Foods.
They are primarily West Coast chain I believe.

They are sponsoring the meet, so its similar to Secret Classic (aka SHHHHHHH Classic)
I've heard of it. There's one near me; it's the only place that carries the bougie-ass apples I like. I'm just a little thrown off by it being a sponsor for a gymnastics meet so now there's a Sprouts Farmers Market Collegiate Quad.
Floor Exercise
Yul Moldauer - 14.550
Kai Uemura - 13.400
Cameron Bock - 13.250
Caden Clinton - 12.850

Pommel Horse
Cameron Bock - 14.550
Caden Clinton - 13.500
Yul Moldauer - 13.450
Danila Leykin - 13.450
Kai Uemura - 13.050

Still Rings
Yul Moldauer - 14.150
Cameron Bock - 13.450
Caden Clinton - 13.00
Kai Uemura - 13.000

Cameron Bock - 14.600
Yul Moldauer - 14.250
Kai Uemura - 14.150
Caden Clinton - 13.950

Parallel Bars
Yul Moldauer - 14.800
Cameron Bock - 14.550
Kai Uemura - 13.950
Caden Clinton - 13.500
Danila Leykin - 13.500

High Bar
Cameron Bock - 13.750
Yul Moldauer - 13.400
Danila Leykin - 13.350
Kai Uemura - 13.250
Caden Clinton - 13.050
Just tuned in. Madray Johnson scored a solid 13.400 on UB.

Jayla Hang just nailed her routine with a stuck double layout!

14.250 for Hang!

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