Nissen Emery Finalists for 2022

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A huge congratulations to our 2022 Nissen Emery Finalists:

Hamish Carter - Illinois

Mathew Davis - Army

Charlie Giles - Nebraska

Vitaliy Guimaraes - Oklahoma

Evan Kriley - Nebraska

Brody Malone - Stanford

Jesse Tyndall - Ohio State

Josh Williams - Navy
Any unofficial votes?

I do think that Guimaraes’ win at Winter Cup shouldn’t be taken into consideration, as it was not an NCAA event, but it will be hard to block out of mind!

Likewise for Malone’s medals in Doha. (What a successful trip for him!)
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The committee can only consider their NCAA achievements. The impact they’ve made during their time in the NCAA. Anything they’ve done outside of NCAA is not looked at. Brody’s Olympics and World competitions as a part of Team USA as well as Vitaliy’s Winter Cup win won’t be a part of that. Although, I can imagine that would be difficult to forget.
They have to look at all the stuff they’ve achieved as a student athletes, such as their involvement in their school with outreach programs, grades, their contributions to their team, including earning All Americans, and their sportsmanship towards their team and opposing teams.
What an honor for the athletes to be nominated by their coaches and these 8 to be finalists.
Malone has only competed in 2 competitions that I am aware of and didn’t do AA. The other guys have competed more this season.

For example Mathew Davis has really been a performer for Army this year, lots of event titles and all around wins.
Same goes for Hamish Carter who has several event wins and doing AA the last half of the season.

If Malone gets it, then likely other factors including his international career were looked at since he has done very little competing NCAA wise this year compared to others.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Malone gets it based on the limited routines he has contributed (8?) this season so far.
It would seem like Malone would be the top guy. He is the AA champ from 2019 and 2021. In 2019, he’s also the All American Champ on FX, PB, HB. In 2020, Shane and Brody were ranked 1 and 2 on RTN NQS. No competition due to Covid. In 2021, he’s an All American on FX, SR, and champ on HB. By that criteria, he could be the Nissen Emery Winner. Brody has 8 All Americans, 6 are the champ.
Other guys on this list have All Americans, too.
Hamish has 1.
Charlie has 3.
Vitaliy has 3.
Evan has 1.
I wish we had a published list of the requirements. From what I know, it more that just your accomplishments in competition. It’s your outreach into the community. Your sportsmanship in the arena.
The Motto is The True Champion seeks excellence physically, mentally, socially, and morally.
I would add Charlie Giles to that list of athletes you named as being crucial to his team. He swept his 3 events this weekend. He a consistent athlete for Nebraska.
Jesse Tyndall has really stepped up his game this year, too. Big Ten and CGA gymnast of the week a couple of times. Also doing AA in most of the meets.
It’s not just about winning AA, though. Shane Never won AA at NCAA’s. Jesse Glenn never won AA. It’s more than that.
If it’s only about that, it diminishes the award.
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This is the closest thing to “requirements” I could find.

The Nissen-Emery Award does not only honor the collegiate senior gymnast who has established an outstanding record of achievement during his college career. More than simply an award for gymnastics excellence, the winner must also meet these requirements:
  • He must be an example of good sportsmanship and fair play…a champion in defeat as well as in victory.
  • He must maintain a high standard of scholarship throughout his college career.
Yea. All 4 years. I went to the roster pages of these outstanding athletes to see their accomplishments. Unfortunately, there’s a few that at missing a lot of information. Not updated for this year. It’s amazing the amount of volunteer hours they do to earn those school awards on top of all that’s required of them.
I’m looking at past history.
If the committee had the choice to choose someone who had won an NCAA Championship for the award, it seems like they usually did it. Not all of the years have that choice available.

If it should be happening is another story. I’m making a guess at what probably will.

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