Konnor McClain at LSU

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Lee said she was at the best she has ever been this winter. Maybe the same can happen for McClain this upcoming winter and she can finesse her elite skills while at school
I seriously doubt McClain won’t be injured. She has been plagued by injuries for years and we all know how great Jay is at preventing injuries. 🫣 🫣
The dig at Miller is so middle school.

“If you put your entire hopes and dreams in life on a teen-ager, you’re stupid” is an interesting way to cope with having done exactly that.
Right?! There was just a total lack of self-awarness in that quote.

Also, man, the 1990s were worse than I remembered when it came to the cult of the coach. Gotta love that the NYT felt the need to devote resources to reporting on a coach’s Olympic dream not coming true, and not the actual gymnasts. What a heaping pile of steaming bullshit.
The amount of focus on the coach in the 90’s was crazy. John Tesh loved going on about the coaches at the Olympics and doing his fluff pieces on them. “Young women soaring, grown men crying.”

Here is a fluff on Tom from 96 Olympic trials, at 34:08:

“Little girls dancing” says so much about the agenda and how they controlled expectations.

Or that song showing Shannon looking like a little girl picking leotards and sitting in a locker room while a love song played by a famous singer looks in. I’ll bet that video fed some pedo fantasies.
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I think it’s so odd to call teenage-age girls little girls. Like I get that brains aren’t fully developed until your mid-twenties, but I hate that culture infantalizes teenagers. I might have been little in stature, but it’s not like I didn’t have fully formed thoughts and opinions by the time I was in high school. Kids were already talking about politicians by the time I was in 6th grade. The 2000 election was a big deal.

Also, Dawes, Miller, Strug, Chow, and Borden were all legally adults by the time the 1996 Olympics happened.
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The media thought little girls dancing was more appealing than strong women competing.
“Littttttttle Roza Galieva”

Also don’t forget Tesh saying ‘as if marching to WAR’- was that directed at Romania or Russia?
They’ve untagged her since
I just want to say that in my experience when a gym self proclaims themselves as “not abusive” and publicly claims everywhere they are “different” they are probably abusive. They just hide it better and are trying to keep everyone from looking too hard.
This is going to be very interesting. Konnor’s love of drama isn’t doesn’t seem very compatible with a team environment. I wonder how much patience her new team mates and coaches will have for it

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