Konnor McClain at LSU

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wow wow wow. Interesting, very interesting. Wonder what prompted it.

FYI, the club in those USAG profiles is linked to an athlete’s registration in USAG’s system. So if the club has changed, it’s because the gymnast did indeed switch.

They have to manually update the coaches, which is why sometimes you see a gym change but the old coaches are still listed. Looks like they updated this one fast.
If Lauren isn’t making this up…Konnor looks like she was trying to get the word out last month. Lol.

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This is gym #3 in less than 2 years? Plus she’s injury-prone and has suggested more than once her heart’s not really in elite. I’ll be surprised if she makes worlds, let alone Paris. But maybe she’ll prove me wrong. I didn’t expect her to make 2021 worlds.
I think McClain won’t return to elite this summer and will retire from elite and prepare for LSU.

It just seems like she is over elite and looking forward to LSU.

She had originally planned to defer a year for a Paris run, but maybe she won’t defer.

It will be more clear as it gets closer to summer season.
Why would she transfer to a gym on the other side of the country just to quit elite?
Oh right now I think she’s still thinking elite.
What I am saying is that she’s making the gym switch, but I think later this summer she will just decide she is done with elite.

I’ve been wrong before LOL.

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