Injuries, sickness and stuff…

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I will start:
Epke might not go to Tokyo, he is not fit and it seems his body cannot take it anymore…

Translated excerpt of the first half or so:

"Turner Epke Zonderland is very concerned about his limited fitness. That may hinder his participation in the Tokyo Olympics. The 35-year-old Frisian announced today that he is far from top fit.

“I have a bit of the idea that the body is gone,” said the Olympic champion on the London 2012 horizontal bar.

Zonderland has had health problems for years that manifest themselves in frequent colds and filling cavities. These prevent him from being able to properly prepare for his last Olympic appearance, in more than two weeks.

For Zonderland, the postponement of the Games by a year due to the corona crisis threatens to be fatal. “Such a shame”, said national coach Bram van Bokhoven. “Epke was so fit towards the World Cups at the beginning of last year.”

But the years are counting, Zonderland acknowledged, who has been struggling with the same complaints for a long time and never found a solution. “I don’t know exactly either. I’m not fit, I’m often sick. It’s also true that the older I get, the harder it gets. It’s like running into a wall. The body doesn’t want to anymore. You used to be able to train what you Now I had a good period until February, but after that I was no longer able to build up to the Games.”
Hidetaka Miyachi from Japan would be next in line. But Japan already has its +2 through World Cup AA reallocation and Kohei Kameyama.

So it would skip to #3 Mitchel Morgans of Australia.
Anastasiya Alistratava of Belarus is too injured and had to withdraw, the spot is reallocated to Hanna Traukova her teammate who was 1 per’d in 2019 World AA qualifications.
Positive COVID test somewhere on the Dutch team; male and female athletes and coaches in quarantine. They had not yet left for Tokyo: (has link to translated article)
They were due to fly out this weekend.
Given that you can take several weeks to test negative after a positive test, it’s quite possible that whole teams may be refused travel.
An extra challenge for this Olympics 😜 because the Olympics are just not challenging enough LOL
Yep, looks like Villa injured her foot nationals yesterday (why, why WHY are they holding nationals two weeks prior to the freaking Olympics?!) and is awaiting evaluation. According to twitter, anyway. Can’t find an official source.

ETA, injury happened here on FX- it’s not a visible/graphic injury at all but you can see she is in pain and limping at the end of the routine:

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