Go Suni (Nabieva to Bhardwaj)

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Lovely! I imagine she’s going to do either this or the Nabs 1/2 to Ezhova we’ve seen–I can’t imagine a routine with both (although it would be incredible). I wonder which is the hoped for end game routine?
I have Suni as a lock along with Simone. That bars was amazing, but I’m torn between her and Derwael in terms of who I would prefer to take gold.
My only concern is her ankle. If she ends up NOT being AA viable, she goes as the other specialist, and then there’s a whole new set of arguments for the bottom 3 on the team.
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Hello, Bala! Glad you found us.

I agree about that ankle. It’s been a constant issue for her, and I can just see it turning into a major issue this summer. Which would suck, because her bars are wonderful, but can you really risk taking someone if they’re injured a la Nastia 2006?

I can’t remember the exact timeline of this most recent injury, and of course she has the results to her name that means she didn’t have to rush to be ready for Winter Cup, but it seems like it takes her forever to come back from any injury.
I think for sure she at least gets the +1 spot if she can land a dismount. I can’t imagine Forster putting her on the 4 person team though if her events are limited.

If she loses UB to Nina Derwael and her club feet, I’ll eat my hat.
She did a different exercise in training, where she connected out of the Bhardwaj instead, which is just monster. She also switch the van Leeuwen with the Maloney Geinger combo, which I find strange. It’s almost like she prefers to do that combo after another transition, which is crazy hard.

Nabieva + Bhardwaj + Maloney + Gienger = G + E + D + D + 0.6
Jaeger + Pak + van Leeuwen (E + D + E + 0.4)
giant full just for the requirement.
Dismount (at least a D)
D-Score: 6.8, or more if the dismount gets upgraded. (I am forgetting — does she also have a dismount upgrade in the works? I don’t remember that.) That’s a LOT to do in one exercise though. Wow.

If her ankle is a problem, I would actually be glad to see her get the specialist spot so that one of the many all-arounders has a chance. I feel better about her getting the extra specialist spot than anyone else, in fact, save perhaps a certain beam specialist, if she changes her split rings to Yang Bos and submits those instead.
Denn, I swear she was training a double double dismount and we’ve seen evidence of it. Just don’t ask me to find said evidence on Instagram!
and not that I would ever want an Olympic champ to be ending with a double back in 2021, doing the full in just doesn’t seem worth it but maybe it’s because it’s early in the season? The extra tenth she gets from the full in is definitely negated by the low landing and steps.
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Nice… and she’s swinging that on the new AAI EVO bars. Wasn’t sure if anyone was really training on them yet or not.
I get that one at 8.9. It’s really well done. I only took 0.1 for the Pak catch angle but I worry FIG judges might take 0.3. That Pak + Jaeger combination should be considered adequate, but the rules penalize Paks that catch where she catches, even though she comfortably works out of the Pak into a toe-on!
Awesome , i love her routine and i think even can in the future have an uneven bar element with her name. i hope she be chosen for the team for olympics. i seen 3 different versions of the same UB routine is hard choose a routine because all the versions are great
Doug: I have this at 8.8 / -1.2:

  • (flexed feet) 0.1
  • (angle of completion - >30 - 45 degrees) 0.1
  • (leg separation) 0.1
  • (insufficient height - hips below height of bar upon regrasp) 0.3
cast to handstand with legs straddled
  • (pause before moving into blind change) 0.1
Pak salto
  • (angle of completion - > 30 - 45 degrees) 0.1
van Leeuwen
  • (leg separation ) 0.1
giant full
  • (angle of completion - >10 - 30 degrees) 0.1
full twisting double tuck
  • (landed with feet apart) 0.1
  • (hop on landing) 0.1
Denn: I agree with you regarding the Pak.

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