Charlotte Booth training in England with Alice Kinsella

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According to The Medal Count, Charlotte Booth is temporarily training at Park Wrekin, club of Alice Kinsella. No reason or time frame given.

It’s certainly a strange club for an overseas athlete to train at, The Wrekin is in the middle of nowhere. It is however, very close to the national training centre at Lilleshall (it being the law that national training centres must be miles from civilisation). I wonder if a switch is on the cards here, does she have family links to the UK?
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Park Wrekins instagram post. Not sure what to make of Charlotte’s reply. Maybe she’s is switching nationalities, but I don’t know much about her to comment


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Could have nothing to do with gymnastics. Maybe one of her parents is going to be in England for a bit for something work related (or they’re rich and on a long vacation) and she didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to spend time abroad. Benefits of homeschooling.
No one goes there on holiday either! Although stranger things have happened. Do you remember a British junior who ended up training at Chow’s when one of her parents got a job in Iowa?!

Update: might just be me, but this is what I get when try to acces her USAG bio page
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From this I’m assuming her dad is british

Charlotte also follows team GB in instagram

I’m guessing that they’ve moved to England and also decided to represent GB
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