202One Tokyo Games Prediction Game Thread

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Predict your Olympic medalists here! For each event, you will predict gold, silver, and bronze medalists as well as an alternate medalist.

Scoring guide: A correct prediction will result in 5 points. An incorrect medal color but a medalist nonetheless will result in 3 points. An alternate prediction winning a medal of any color will result in 2.5 points. So if I predict for WAG TF 1) USA 2) CHN 3) RUS alt: JPN, and the result is 1) USA 2) RUS 3) JPN, I will receive a total of 10.5 points. 5 points won for correctly predicting the USA’s placement, 3 points won for correctly predicting RUS to win a medal, and 2.5 points won for the alternate JPN winning a medal.

You do not need to fill out both WAG and MAG. I will keep and update a Google sheet for all to see. I will also calculate a cumulative WAG + MAG total.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have until Sunday, July 25, 6 PM EDT to modify your predictions (12 hours before MAG TF begins). Obviously you can update your predictions after TQ—I probably won’t make mine until then.

OTHER NOTE: You are restricted to one submission per Google account and you CAN edit after submitting.

THIRD NOTE: If you try to be sneaky and list two alternates for any given event, I will nullify both and count neither. One individual/team for each!

Feel free to post your predictions below as comments too, if you’d like.
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I gave it a shot. I worry that some people won’t participate because it’s a little complicated and doing it as a form is a bit unwieldy, but it was fun to think ahead!
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I hope people participate! A user used to run this game over at intlgymnast’s forum so I kind of just copied how she normally did it. I’ll attach a link to the spreadsheet on Sunday/Monday which will serve as our collective scoreboard
I’ll be playing. I’m doing another prediction game with entries due before WAG prelims. I’ll take advantage of this deadline being after prelims and it will be interesting to see how much my podiums differ.
I had a go. I’ve changed some of my pre-qualifications predictions. Some because they didn’t qualify and some because of hunches. I originally thought that Derwael would win UB because Lee had to do her easier routine in EF, I also thought there’d be a bit of a “let’s give non-Biles events to non-American” vibe. I didn’t think she’d be able to do the 6.8 every time so now that she’s done her easier routine in qualifications, I think she’ll be fine with the harder version in EF. Derwael has less room to improve so I went with Lee. I do not have a good idea of consistency for many of the MAG event finalists so those are more pot luck and hope based. Knowing me I’ll probably do better on MAG because I spent less time over-analysing.
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HELLO!! I forgot to post a reminder sooner and the deadline has passed. You now have until 6 AM to submit your predictions!!
Well I really should have gone with my feelings and hopes instead of predictions. I predicted JPN-ROC-CHN because I really didn’t expect Artur’s achilles to survive another AA. His floor looked much less scary today. I wanted ROC to win though so I’m extremely happy.

WAG standings:

1st Angelika - 10.0
2nd Dex - 8.5
–Rafiki - 8.5
4th Caledi - 6.0
–Caligym - 6.0
–Denn - 6.0
–IratePanda - 6.0
–Jack - 6.0
–mnesiptolema - 6.0
–MRR - 6.0
–Perfect10 - 6.0
–teacher_fan7 - 6.0
–YurchenkoLoop - 6.0

MAG standings:
1st Angelika - 15.0
2nd Denn - 11.0
–Jack - 11.0
–MRR - 11.0
–Rafiki - 11.0
6th Caledi - 9.0
–Dex - 9.0
–Perfect10 - 9.0
–teacher_fan7 - 9.0

Overall standings:
1st Angelika - 25.0
2nd Rafiki - 19.5
3rd Dex - 17.5
4th Denn - 17.0
–Jack - 17.0
–MRR - 17.0
7th Caledi - 15.0
–Perfect10 - 15.0
–teacher_fan7 - 15.0

as always, comment or DM me if I’ve made a mistake!
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Jesus - how did that happen! Darn those Chinese - preventing a perfect score (but I’m over the moon my GB girlies got the bronze!) However, like in every major championships, there’s a long way to go yet!

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