2025 Covid year YAY or NAY (final year of Covid +1 year)

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Interesting that it appears there are a lot more definitely NOT over definitely than the past two years.
Seems like most are moving on to grad school elsewhere.
I wonder if coaches are less enthusiastic on grad transfers than they have been

This current senior class is the last class eligible for a 5th year, correct? Maybe coaches are preparing themselves to not lose a substantial number of routines at the end of next season by limiting the number of 5th years they're willing to take.
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Could be a number of reasons, but it appears the ones that have said definitely not have listed good reasons, such as job lined up, grad school in a non gymnastics program, etc.
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I am not sure exactly how that would work because technically you are correct.
Will the NCAA honor it?
Will there be a handful of athletes eligible for a COVID year next year because of redshirting?
Yeah I wonder if that’s an option for someone like Ellie Lazzari. Or the LSU girls who can technically redshirt their 5th year like Alyona. I feel like that 6th year would be honored if they gave someone like Margzetta a 6th year. I wonder if Kiya got injured early enough last year to redshirt.
Oklahoma’s going to be in rebuilding mode if Davis doesn’t come back. Between Kat, Audrey, and Ragan they would be losing almost half of their routines.
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Oklahoma will still be a contender next year, and hungry.
Florida and LSU are going to be strong as well.

Utah loses a lot. O'Keefe on 3 events, Rucker on 2, Paulson on 2.

Though they have a good group coming in. Avery Neff #1 recruit will be a strong AA. Zoe Johnson is also a good AA prospect, Clara Raposo will be challenging for UB/BB line ups, Poppy Stickler could be an NCAA star as well.

Cal might lose Lee and Perea unless they take COVID years and they also bring in Achampong who will also bring a lot of experience.

So these 5 teams will definitely be near the top again.

Also anticipate Alabama being strong again though they lose a bunch of routines and also no Luisa Blanco.

UCLA should be able to bounce back, depends if Chiles and Padurariu both come back or not.
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Naomi Morrison and Jenna Mulligan are not taking their 5th year.
With them leaving alongside Brooks and Wilson, Michigan needs to replace 13 routines from this year's post-season meet.

That is going to be a lot to replace and definitely going to be a rebuilding year for Michigan.
Michigan's recruiting classes for this year and next are highly ranked, so even having to replace 13(!!!!) routines, they're in an okay position.

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