2023 Week 3 (January 16-22)

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Friday, January 20
6:00pm ET/
3:00pm PT West Virginia, New Hampshire, West Chester @ Towson LINK FREE
6:00pm ET/
3:00pm PT Western Michigan @ Bowling Green LINK FREE
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT [12] Missouri @ [9] LSU LINK SECN
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT [10] Kentucky @ [17] Georgia LINK SEC+
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT LIU, Bridgeport, Cornell @ Temple LINK ESPN+
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT Kent State, Ball State, Lindenwood, SEMO, Fisk (@ TN)
7:30pm ET/
4:30pm PT [1] Florida @ [11] Alabama LINK ESPNU
7:30pm ET/
4:30pm PT Eastern Michigan, UC Davis @ Iowa State LINK ESPN+
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT Air Force, Centenary, Eau Claire @ TWU TWU ($)
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT Winona State @ Whitewater FREE
8:30pm ET/
5:30pm PT [25] Arkansas @ [7] Auburn LINK SECN
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT [6] Cal @ Arizona LINK P12I
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT [19] Stanford @ [20] Arizona State LINK FREE
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT Utah State @ [21] Southern Utah LINK ESPN+
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT Boise State @ BYU LINK BYUTV

Saturday, January 21
12:00pm ET/
9:00am PT Gustavus Adolphus @ Oshkosh FREE
1:00pm ET/
10:00am PT [23] Illinois @ Rutgers LINK BTN+
2:00pm ET/
11:00am PT Springfield, Rhode Island @ Southern Connecticut FREE
2:00pm ET/
11:00am PT Northern Illinois @ Central Michigan FREE
4:00pm ET/
1:00pm PT [8] Denver, Sacramento State, Brown @ [18] Oregon State FREE
4:00pm ET/
1:00pm PT George Washington, Pitt @ [24] NC State ACC+
5:00pm ET/
2:00pm PT [4] UCLA @ [22] Washington P12
5:00pm ET/
2:00pm PT Penn State @ [16] Minnesota LINK BTN+
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT Maryland @ Nebraska BTN+
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT Illinois State @ Greenville FREE

Sunday, January 22
12:00pm ET/
9:00am PT Cortland @ Rhode Island
1:00pm ET/
10:00am PT Ball State @ Eastern Michigan ESPN+
1:00pm ET/
10:00am PT Brockport, Ithaca @ Ursinus LINK FREE
2:00pm ET/
11:00am PT William & Mary @ Penn ESPN+
2:00pm ET/
11:00am PT [15] Iowa @ [13] Ohio State BTN+
4:00pm ET/
1:00pm PT Hamline, Simpson @ La Crosse FREE
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT [2] Michigan @ [14] Michigan State LINK BTN
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT [5] Utah @ [2] Oklahoma LINK ESPN
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Broadcast wise:
7:00 pm EST SECN Missouri @ LSU
7:30 pm EST ESPNU Florida @ Alabama
8:30 pm EST SECN Arkansas @ Auburn

5:00 pm EST PAC12 UCLA @ Washington

7:00 pm EST BTN Michigan @ Michigan State
8:00 pm EST ESPN Utah @ Oklahoma

Some big meets this weekend.

LSU vs Missouri will be intense, as LSU is without Kiya Johnson, it will be interesting to see what happens to LSU at home.

Florida vs Alabama will also be intense. Alabama is off to a slow start in the last two meets and won’t be happy with 11th ranking. Trinity 10.0 watch in effect, will she get her 6th straight 10.0 on floor?

Michigan vs Michigan State will be a great one. Michigan will try to hold onto #1 ranking. Michigan State is much better than #14 and will look to move up a few spots.

The marquee meet of the week IMO is Utah vs Oklahoma at OU. Oklahoma struggled against LSU so it will be interesting to see if they rebound against Utah. LSU had its struggles against Oklahoma, and had it been another team that team could have beaten Oklahoma. So Utah will for sure put up a big fight against them. Jordan Bowers should be the key to Oklahoma, she was nearly flawless against LSU.
that mizzou at LSU meet will be fun to watch. Mizzou has talked about being the one to walk through the door, and not having the door opened for them because of another teams failure (coaches words). This is the type of meet to prove that.

I know its early but Florida has to start making a move to fix their vault rotation, its probably their only achilles heel that makes them weak

I love that the meets are spread over the weekend! And sunday will be great with that OU v Utah meet. Definitely that marquee meet.
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Huge upset! Michigan struggled tonight and had a poor beam rotation to end the meet at Michigan State. MSU pulled through for the win and broke 197 doing it. Michigan goes under 197.
I watched it and what a fantastic competition from the Spartans. They will definitely be contenders to make it pretty far at regionals.
Michigan had a big floor rotation but was off on their vault landings and had lots of built in deductions on their bars dismounts. They didn’t get into the 9.9s on bars, meanwhile MSU opened with a 49.400 on vault to get their momentum going.
Watched both Michigan/MSU and Utah/Oklahoma. MSU has a really talented group of underclassmen, it will be interesting to see them in two years and where they are. I was struck how senior laden Michigan is, I know a few of them can take their covid year, but there are going to be some big holes for them next year. I think this is their last shot in this cycle to score another title.
Utah and Oklahoma was a bit of a downer. Utah really seemed rattled and unfocused. A lot of mistakes. Oklahoma, what can you say? They are in the middle of a dynastic run. Even when they have some mistakes and look a bit off they still score a 49.4 rotation. I am not sure any team will catch them, and that goes for the next 2-3 years.
I watched both meets and I was a bit underwhelmed. Even Oklahoma looked a little off last night.

Heck, Bart Connor was off his commentating game! Ava Siegfeldt did not go to World Olympic, she went to World Class, Bart. Kathy, however, remains a treasure and far and away the best gymnastics commentator out there. Meanwhile, Olivia Karas on the Michigan-Michigan State coverage made me want to tear my hair out.
Yes to the Mich/MSU commentary, ugh it was so painful to listen to, Olivia was so-so, definitely improved from when she started (does she just do this ad-hoc for B10?), but her male counterpart was just horrible.
Whoever the guy was, he was awful. That godawful hyena snort-laugh of his at the end of the broadcast!
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Michigan State with the 197.200 last night move into 12th in the rankings.
Ohio State put up a 197.225 against Iowa! That moves them up to 11th in the rankings.

Big Ten putting up 6 teams in the top 25
3 Michigan
11 Ohio State
12 Michigan State
15 Iowa
18 Minnesota
19 Illinois

Big 12 has
1 Oklahoma
9 Denver

2 Florida
5 Auburn
10 Kentucky
13 Alabama
14 Missouri
17 Georgia
23 Arkansas

Pac 12
4 Utah
7 California
16 Oregon State
22 Stanford
24 Arizona State
25 Washington

Others in the top 25
20 NC State (EAGL)
21 Southern Utah (MRGC)

The conference meets will be exciting come March,
SEC is going to be intense, Pac 12 will be a nail biter, but Big Ten will be probably the most wide open meet.

Michigan is clearly the favorite, but MSU already took them out, Ohio State is having one of their best seasons ever, Iowa is right there, Minnesota and Illinois can’t be counted out and then the rest of the Big 10 is ranked in the top 36.
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Olivia was so-so, definitely improved from when she started (does she just do this ad-hoc for B10?)
I enjoy Olivia Karas because she knows the technical aspect of the sport and knows the elements. She could tone back a bit on some of the “sappy” stuff. Like constantly talking about how the Big Ten is just as good as any other conference (we all know this), and other little snipets we could use without. But overall I do like her.

Karas is usually at Big Ten, with Sloan, Miles, Sacramone at SEC, and Peszek and Honest at Pac 12.
But, IIRC, Karas did some work at Nationals for the beam broadcast on ESPN.
I think she did beam with Sacramone doing vault, Sloan doing bars, and Roethlisberger commentating floor.
She is doing just fine, it may not show in her scores, but it is obvious she is having fun and loves being around the team. Given her injuries and recovery time its incredible that she is very close to nailing her floor and has been able to compete bars and beam. She is only a freshman and I think she will be contributing by the end of the year.
Damn, I completely forgot to tell my mom about the Ohio State vs. Iowa competition to see her confusion over who to root for (she’s a grad of both Iowa (undergrad) and Ohio State (Ph.D)).

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