2023 Pan American Games Pre-Meet Discussion

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I saw that Andrade is competing. Is Flavia competing too? Because if so, Brazil’s A-team could beat the U.S.'s B-team. It’d make for an exciting competition. It also matters whether Andrade is competing FX.

I really hope Kaliya Lincoln wins FX gold and also proves here that she should have been taken to Worlds. A 15 in TF and EF would be awesome.

What are everyone’s wishes for the competition?
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I believe Brazil is using the same squad from Worlds minus Lorrane Oliveira. Carolyne Pedro is the 5th member. I wish they had the depth to rest their stars after competing so much at worlds, but I know the Brazilian government pays Olympic medalists quite well, so a successful Pan Ams could mean $$$$ for them personally and the Brazilian fed as well, especially if they beat the American team in the process.

I wanna see Andrade sweep the individual gold medals, but I’ll settle for a medal on every apparatus. I’d love for one of the Brazilian girls to win BB. Looking forward to Saraiva vs. DiCello vs. Chiles in the AA. Chiles could prove that she would’ve been a better choice for the Worlds team than DiCello with more training time. I also wanna see how she looks compared to Wong.

I’m most looking forward to Chiles/Andrade/Saraiva/Lincoln showdown on floor if all goes to plan in quals.
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Brazil might be looking for team gold, with the US going with their B team.

They have never won Pan Am Games team gold.
Damn, I was hoping Andrade and Saraiva would rest after Worlds versus going right to another competition to minimize injury risk.
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I would be surprised if Andrade competes floor. I’m expecting UB, BB and maybe a DTY.
I am hoping she and Flavia stick to UB and BB. It is such an incredibly risky and reckless choice to send two very fragile athletes to this competition.

I know the BOC threatened to pull funding if they didn’t send their a-team, but let’s be honest. There is no way they are going to funding from what is far and away the biggest star in their entire delegation in any sport.
Pan Ams is apparently a huge deal in Brazil. And with the US sending a B team, they feel like maybe they can win.

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