2023 African Championships, 26-27 May

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7.1 D !!!
I think the 7,1 is CORRECT. When I took a moment to script and calculate I have this:

A B G D /,2 D /.1 D /,2 F/ ,1 D /,2 E / ,1 A - E D /,1 + ,2 (DMT)

G 1 - 0,7
F 1 - 0,6
E 2 - 1,0
D 4 - 1,6 DV 3,9 CR 2,0 CV 1,o DMT 0,2 for 7,1

If the Rična 1/2 is credited as a Rična due to the timing of the turn then she will be down 0,1 in DV and 0,1 in CV so 6,9.

I will edit my above post.

I forgot the Pak - silly me.
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South Africa’s score will be competitive in the World team qualifications, no where close to team finals or a spot at the Olympics, but 148.331 would have been 18th at Worlds this year and the 148.331 would have been 11th at Euros. I know you can’t compare scores from last year or even continentals, but RSA with that score would have qualified from Europeans.
It is just nice that Africa Gymnastics is on the rise and it really isn’t a “quota” meet.
Results sheet (from Twitter, don’t know the original source or if the official results are being posted anywhere)


Nemour 6.9D on bars, 5.9D on beam. I think a 6.0 bars D is new for Rooskrantz as well?
Cameroon’s bars is actually improved from last year. Last year they all scored zero. I wonder what elements they are actually doing, and what the 0.0 D routine looked like.
That’s true. This is also where former gymnast Youna Dufournet trained. They have another upcoming talent, Elena Colas.
I don’t worry about this third pass. She has been doing a 1 1/2 into a triple twist and a double arabian in 2021.

Welcome to our Gymnastics Message Board

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