2023 African Championships, 26-27 May

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The other continental championships taking place this week in Pretoria/Tshwane, South Africa. WAG competition on Friday, MAG on Saturday. I think last year all we got from this competition was a PDF of the results at the end of the day.

There is a list of entries here: Gymnastics SA

WAG teams from Egypt, South Africa, Algeria and Cameroon, plus individuals from Mali and Senegal.

MAG teams for Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Morocco and South Africa plus one individual from Senegal.

There was a junior competition last year but I haven’t seen anything about one this year.

Kaylia Nemour is on the list for Algeria and does have an FIG licence now. Egypt’s team includes Sandra Elsadek of the Georgia NCAA team. (Did she ever compete under the FIG code before NCAA?)

There are Worlds qualification spots for 1 team and 4 individuals in WAG, 1 team and 2 individuals for MAG.

Egypt won the WAG team title by 3.5 points last year and MAG by 13 points. However, the South African women did go on to record a higher score at the Commonwealth Games (comparing scores from different competitions I know), and any advantage of competing at home will be reversed this year, so this could be interesting.

There also appears to be some sort of friendly meet between a South Africa B team and a Welsh junior team going on in the arena in the mornings. This apparently has apparatus finals but as far as I can see the African Championships don’t??
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The South African federation are posting scores at the end of each rotation and some videos on their Twitter account.

Team scores after 2 rotations.


Nemour got 15.066 on bars so that must be 13.533 for beam. Neither of her routines is among the videos posted so far.
Kaylia’s floor. Either that third pass is a placehold because she plans to upgrade, or it is baffling routine construction.

Looks like this scored 12.166.

With one rotation left Nemour leads by over 2 points, South Africa lead the team competition by 5 points.
South Africa had a epic meltdown last year. It should have been a much closer competition than it was.
I’m assuming SA won, so your individual qualifiers are:
Kaylia Nemour, ALG
Jana Abdelsalam, EGY
Sandra Elsadek, EGY
Lahna Salem, ALG
As well as the obvious with Kaylia, I’m sooooo glad South Africa won. Loved them at CWG last year and it seemed a real shame they weren’t going to be in Liverpool.
Team scores

Egypt only slightly down from their score last year but SA up 5 points and Algeria up 9 (which is basically all Nemour)
That routine is incredible. And there are definitely details she’ll be working on before worlds. That with her almost certainly improving on that floor (replacing the third pass with a 1.5 or double full?) before Worlds–looking forward to see her in the AA finals.

ETA: a 53.731 would have qualified her in 15th to the AA last year and placed 10th in the final
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