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Got mine yesterday too! EFs. And yes, very expensive. The admin charges are a fucking rip off. Still though, done, diarised and looking forward to it! And I am tempted to treat myself to TFs as well. I only live down the road so very easy… but on the other hand, CWG coming up soon too!

Anyone else going?
It is. With the cheapest non-concession finals ticket £60, they’re bound to exclude some people who would otherwise love to go. I don’t see why it has to be so expensive, is this arena particularly costly to rent or something? Do it at a cheaper one if so!

The arena will probably get filled anyway, so the organisers won’t care, but the lack of budget friendly options is a shitter. I’m sorry you won’t get to go. Perhaps CWG will be closer and easier for you?
I’m lucky enough and it’s showing my age, that I went to Worlds in Birmingham back in 1993, as well as the subsequent ones iin London and Glasgow. Plus I’ve been to Euros, CWGs and Olympics, so it’s not the end of the world to miss out. Its just frustrating that those prices are crazy, how are families meant to afford even one session together. Thanks for the suggestion.
Well just because the tickets are charged now and plane, hotel and food are coming later, I decided I coul afford it. But yeah actually way too expensive.
Outrageous ticketing prices, USAG selling its last scrap of soul to flogymnastics…how is anyone who hasn’t got the coin supposed to keep up with gymnastics?

I hope everyone who is able to make it to Worlds next year thoroughly enjoys it and if they would like to, perhaps provide a reflection on things after the event. Please no quick hits or sneaky videoing - people should be there to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy live gymnastics.

I’m assuming Brisbane is going to get the 2032 Olympics and I’m already saving!
I wondered the same thing myself emmade. The concession is available for people on benefits, but that’s of limited use when tickets are so expensive. It’s a shame. Personally, I’m buying nothing from the arena now, because this leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

On budgeting: for those who don’t know Liverpool city centre, the arena is at the docks and then the rest of the city centre is behind it. The docks are great fun, but touristy and expensive. If you’re ok to walk, about 10 minutes into the city centre there will be loads more budget options for food. City centre is very walkable.

For those flying, worth looking at flights for both Liverpool and Manchester airports: Manchester can sometimes be cheaper, and there are both buses and trains direct from Manchester airport to Liverpool city centre that usually take no more than an hour. If you book far enough in advance and are flexible with the times it can be under £10, occasionally even under £5.

Lastly, Liverpool is quite a small city and if you wanted to save on accommodation by staying in the suburbs, it would likely be fairly faff free and not a long journey in on the bus. They don’t have trams or underground. Northern English people culturally don’t mind talking to strangers and someone will probably deliver you to wherever you’re going if you get lost.

There ends my money saving advice.
Handy for non locals. I was born and raised in Manchester, before moving to Canada. But I imagine Liverpool has changed massively in the last 20 years, Manchester sure did after the bombing.

Liverpool is a great base for day trips if you want make a proper holiday of it. I did Glasgow with friends and we had a blast.

Your train and plane tips are great.
Ohhhh, I didn’t know you were a fellow Manc! Which bit?

I never actually went to Liverpool until going on nights out in the early 00s myself, by which point there had been a lot of regeneration. Same with Manchester really. The bomb was part of it, but also the roots were there beforehand. Manchester council did some pretty clever stuff, like trying to encourage people to move back into the centre. It also affected more than the city centre: where I grew up has had a lot of money thrown at it, which we certainly needed. But I think it’s fair to say that both cities had been left to fester by central government for the couple of decades preceding the late 90s. There were aspects that were fairly horrifying before then, which I’m sure you’ll remember. Of course, the Tory government loathes both cities even now.
I was born in Ordsall, before the slum clearance. Then moved to Prestwich, lived there until I moved to Canada. Worked in Manc, spent my nights at the Hacienda, and enjoyed the start of the NQ being gentrified, Afflecks Palace opening etc. I used to hang out with the hairdresser crowd from Vidal Sassoon, Pierre Alexander and Razors Edge.

Did you watch “It’s a Sin”? Filmed in Manc, and so brought back those years, those times.

We used to take the train to Liverpool for nights out, when the Waterboys and Echo and the Bunnymen were playing. But have not been back since the late 80’s.

Agreed on the councils neglecting both cities, but I have been impressed with my recent visits to Manc, though sometimes I forget where I am as things have changed so much. Went to Chetham’s Library last trip, was blown away by something I never knew existed.
Oh wow you got the Hacienda period! By the time I was out and about it was all over. It did feel like a privilege to come of age when we all knew the city was on the up again, which obviously people a decade or two older than me didn’t have… but always envied your cohort getting to experience the music scene then. Not seen It’s A Sin yet. Everyone says it’s amazing but after the last year I want to wait until I have the emotional resources to cope with something that gut wrenching.

Irichluck, I’m not sure it’s that. Gymnastics fills arenas in Britain, I’ve never been to a final that had many spare seats, and thinking big events won’t be safe in late 2022 would be a niche opinion here. I’m not saying there’s nobody who would be put off going, but the vibe now is very much let us out and do things.
Definitely wait to watch It’s a Sin then. It is beautiful, rich characters, but it is impossible not to be touched by the toll of the story. I had to watch in pieces, and it had me in pieces. Memories of friends who suffered, and died too soon.

I’ll be buying tickets as soon as I can get my head around it. I think it will sell out too, gymnastics is big in the UK. This is also pretty central for people to travel to by train, even as a day trip.
That said, I could envisage the pandemic being used as an excuse to raise prices, even if the organisers still expect to sell out. Covid can be a good cover for things you wouldn’t otherwise get away with.
I’ve got tickets to everything and I’m very excited. I was looking forward to Copenhagen this year but generally Europe has been spoiled for worlds so I shouldn’t complain. Not sure if I’ll be able to go to everything as it’s during term time and I’m not supposed to take time off. For Stuttgart 19 I watched two days, flew home to give a lecture and then went back to worlds! Terrible for the environment but after all the competitions I planned to attend last year were cancelled I no longer feel too guilty. Inconveniently a friend is getting married in Devon on the first day of EF. I’m not impressed to have a 2022 clash already after a year of nothing in the diary! To add insult to injury she used to live in Liverpool until recently. If I end up lecturing on Friday I’d be pushed to make it to Devon on the train in time anyway. I’ll just have to wait until my timetable is out and make gymnastics vs work vs wedding decisions then.
I’m excited for a Scouse Worlds and jealous of everybody who is able to go!

I believe it was an anonymous stateswoman of the sport who once described Commonwealths as “a local competition.”
Got my finals tickets, bought individually. Want a seasons pass for quals, but they will not have more until April 22nd, so waiting on those. Spoke to a lovely Scouser on the ticket sales line.

Very much looking forward to this.

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