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Is underway, and I thought a fresh new thread would be easiest all round.

You’ll all be astounded to hear that the livestream still isn’t working, for me anyway, and the smartscoring is patchy. UEG are providing sporadic quickhits, but fortunately they have managed to find the time to tweet Louis Smith a happy birthday. @Doug1233, I want you in particular to be aware of this.

GB were in the first sub and it hasn’t gone brilliantly. Max fell on pommels and got 12.766, so the EF is wide open for McClenaghan now. Tulloch also fell on rings but was still in 1st, can’t see him staying there though. And Epke got 13.433 on high bar so again, don’t think he’s getting to the final in his event either.
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I’m following some quick hits on twitter.
GB appear to be having a meltdown, but nobody else so far is having a fantastic day either. At least, what’s what I can gather.
Iam watching on YT and the gymonline stream is working fine for me as well… freaking ironic as I don’t follow MAG to closely.

And I spoke to soon, the gymtvonline thing is again not working, worked fine during the first sub…
Lollll I thought I’d thankfully heard the last of him.

Looks like GB is having a tough time. Hows Giarni doing? Really rooting for him.
British gymnastics just tweeted:

British Gymnastics

The final scores have been confirmed and there will be 6 finals for the British men’s team this weekend

Flag of United Kingdom

  • all-around and pommel horse
  • all-around
  • pommel horse
  • vault
  • vault
The two Olympic spots go to Russia and Adem Asil. So Turkey will have four athletes in Tokyo but no team! I do hope they perform enough routines between them that we can have lots of fun working out where they’d place in the team standings. Glad Russia got one too, they’re the best MAG programme on the planet and they should have six. They have the top 3 AA standings too, as with the women. Obviously Nagornyy is miles ahead.

GB did stink up prelims this morning. They must’ve thrown a couple of medals away. Nobody in floor, rings or high bar EF, and had to rely on 2 pers to get a 2nd AA spot.
Earlier today, I saw an Instagram video of a new vault that will be submitted for the men this week, but for the life of me I cannot find it or even remember who it was…anyone know??
It’s being called a Tsuk double front, but basically it’s a Tsuk entry then a quarter twist into a double front. I’ve thought about the possibility of this vault for a long time, but admittedly I pictured it performed slightly more “arabian entry” than it looks in the videos I’ve seen.
Ooh I can’t wait to see it. I love Agache’s Kasamatsu front tuck 1/1. A Kas double front is incredible!!
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