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Fellow Aussies (there have to be some!) I was hoping we could talk about how to watch the action outside of cruddy Channel 7.

The way I watched US Nationals was firstly, have - you can purchase as a monthly service, but I currently have 4 months free thanks to being an uber addict last year. Secondly, I use ExpressVPN to change to LA. Thirdly is a bit tricky, search Binge for NBC or open in a different window. I have found speeds are good enough to stream without too much buffering, although that may change with millions of people trying to do the same thing during the Olympics.

Does anyone else have any ideas?
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NBCOlympics should have full streaming. Unsure if it will be behind a paywall or not. It was not in 2016.

You won’t be viewing Tim and Nastia coverage though…it will be others.
Courtney Kupets, Jonathan Horton and Tanith Belbin White commentated in Rio IIRC.
I was able to watch Men’s qualifications for 45 mins this morning, but then had to sign up to peacock to continue watching. That started a 3 hour hour epic of trying to trick the internet into believing I’m an American.

FuboTV has a free 7 day trial, so I’m sorted for trials, but the Olympics…dunno.
Any links to streaming for night 2?

The internet is smarter than I thought and I’m having trouble finding a reliable link.

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