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We just resized the server to handle tonight and the Olympics. Thought we’d add the extra horsepower now just to be safe.

Let me know if you see any issues.

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Is it possible to disable auto-updating new comments in a thread? That will really reduce request volume.
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I don’t think so… but we’re going to have to figure something out before the Olympics. We are struggling right now.
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Yes… that really gives it the LIVE discussion vibe.

I have to tweak some things… I’ll get it running better.
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Ok… we now have double the horsepower and double the unicorn workers.

If you see any messages about the server being under “extreme load” or if the site logs you out over and over… post here and let me know.
Not sure if it’s just me, but the site has not been loading on Firefox this afternoon. Works fine on Chrome. Take this as an FYI more than a request to fix things - it could be a problem on my end for all I know.
I tried Firefox on my Mac. I had an old version installed and it would not load Gymnaverse at all. Once I downloaded the new version of Firefox… it worked.

Also tried it on my Windows machine… it worked fine on Windows right away.

Do you have the latest version of Firefox? You can get it here…

Anyone having any more issues with the site logging them out or anything?
No but I have ongoing issues with the auto-update. On really long threads, after a certain point my browser peaces out trying to load them and I need to reload to get the next batch of 10. Sometimes all the posts just disappear until I reload. Has anyone else had this problem?
Yes this also happens to me. I tried scrolling up the immense GB WAG thread to find something the other day and eventually the screen goes blank (I think the scroll bar still works so the post numbers tick round but it’s all blank). It’s not a massive problem because refreshing gets you back to the point you were rather than going back to top or bottom. Not sure if this is browser (chrome) or board related.

No issues with being logged out.
Ok… I will try to figure this out. This should be able to be fixed by tweaking some server settings.

Just so everyone knows… this software (Discourse) is not designed for mega threads. With that being said… a mega thread to them is over 10,000 posts. Basically if a thread gets up that high we will need to close it and open a new thread to continue the conversation. There are sites running threads into 100,000+ posts… but it doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble that they are going through.
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Also 10000! 😮 I wonder what we could talk about for that many posts? Any idea what the record was for wwgym?
I don’t know but we didn’t get that close LOL. We ended up starting new threads if the original got too long.

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