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I’ve been thinking about this for a while. There are some rules that I wish were part of gymnastics and a rule I wish was changed

I wish that there was a rule that would penalize gymnast that spit on their grips. How many gymnast do a vault after they’ve spit on their grips. Then think about how many go after them and could come in contact with that. I really wish there was a rule against this especially with Covid going on. I’ve seen plenty of gymnast use a spray battle to wet their hands/grips. Spit is not necessary.

Now someone correct me if my memory is wrong but is there now are was there a rule that wraps like on the ankles or knees or where ever on the body had to be flesh toned? With that in mind I’ve always wondered why they didn’t make this a rule in regards to socks/shoes that gymnast wear. I know that I’ve seen some gymnast wear these so they are available. So if the wraps have to be flesh toned why not require socks/shoes to be also?

Lastly a rule I wish they would change is the no doing part of your exercise while waiting on the podium. There are so many instances where a gymnast is waiting a ridiculous amount of time because the judges are dealing with an inquiry or there is a computer problem. It’s not the gymnast fault so what’s so bad about practicing a couple of jumps while waiting to do beam. This has always bugged me for some reason.

So do you have a rule that you wish they would make or change?
I hate the “no lunge rule” on floor. And the fact that the team sizes keep shrinking. They should stay at six gymnasts per team. And if they want to make the all-around two-per-country to give gymnasts from smaller programs a shot to make the all-around, it should be the top 36, not top 24. Expand the field.
Mostly safety based ones. So the no lunges rule would bugger right off if I were queen of the world. Also, I don’t know if this is still the case in tramp but back in the dark ages when I used to do it, judges could tell a competitor they weren’t allowed to compete a certain element based on safety. I wish artistic had that.
  • If the judges physically cringe during a routine, they can stop it for the gymnast’s safety.
  • Allow one touch warmups before event finals.
  • Use four or five judges’ scores to get rid of the truncation error nonsense.
  • Reduce the skill count to eight.
  • Remove the no lunge rule on floor.
  • Ban back scale turns for juniors.
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I love five member teams. Enough room to bring a specialist, but the emphasis is still on AA. Plus five member teams look great in team photos.

If I were changing things, women would wear loose shorts/pants exactly like the men do. Shorts for VT/BB/FX and pants for UB.

10 athletes in all Event Finals.

Cap men’s floor at 5 tumbling runs.
I would definitely do away with the rule that you need choreo in between tumbling passes, otherwise incurring a -0.1 deduction. So many fantastic routines of the past had two right off the top and then plenty of time for dance. Most of the choreo we see between the first two tumbles lacks complexity.

I also personally would limit tumbling to three passes and reintroduce back-to-back tumbling (counting as one pass). I think it’s bizarre, too, how gymnasts can’t perform a more simple acrobatic pass, for example a nice floaty round-off + loso, in the interior of their routine.
I’d be curious to see college drop the perfect 10 and adopt more of an elite style scoring system. This is probably a thread in and of itself. Not sure if that would improve college at all (tbh, I like it how it is).

I think that’s it as far as the actual gymnastics. But as far as COVID management—and again, this could be its own thread—introduce some sort of technical foul deduction for not social distancing or whatever else?

Also, teams should be bigger by one, maybe.
It had been talked about before with doing away with the 10 in WAG and coaches were unanimous in going with no.
Part of the argument is that the fans would get confused without the 10.0 scale and these girls are not elite and do not plan on going elite, many of whom are former elite.
I think it would take NCAA at least 15 years to recover from giving up the 10, and it would have to have so many restrictions in place to make a league focused on team completions at all equitable that it would be pointless.

I do wish FIG would work on virtual competitions so a team World Cup could be possible, and the existing World Cup circuits would have more equity for teams that have to travel more. More competition opportunities means more financial opportunities, which in turn means more agency and control for athletes.

Aside from that I think one touch is the most important issue, followed by the possibility of making it possible to earn execution points for exceptionally well-executed skills.
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I’m all for gymnasts being able to take a step for their floor landings and one-touch warm-up. In I(llinois)HSA gymnastics (unlike Wisconsin high school gymnastics), we had no one-touch warm-up and it sucked, so I can empathize with elite gymnasts.
I am most definitely for the 5 team coming back. Would also like a to up the 2 per country into a 3 per country rule.

On ncaa front. I would like to see a restriction on the 2 pass routines. One pass must be an E or the SV is docked to 9.85 (or 9.8). I am tired of seeing 2 pass routines where one pass is a RO-1.5-front lay (OR a front full-front lay) and the other a double pike. And they just a popa or something similar…and the athlete isn’t even a strong dancer. And those routines are getting same credit as 3 pass…and some 3 pass with 2 E passes in them! How is that fair? The lower difficulty 2 pass are simply doing 1 less pass than everyone else, taking less deductions bc they are doing 1 less…and are energized…that’s right, bc they are doing less!

sorry! Rant over (for now)
There should be an elite style scoring system, and the perfect 10 should NOT be dropped. That’s my two pence worth.

José M.
Not sure I follow. Elite already does have it’s own scoring system. Are you saying that should be kept AND replaced by a P10?

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