Potential USA professional gymnastics league (GIGA)

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Heard this on Gymcastic.
Apparently a US professional gymnastics league could be in the works.

GIGA= Global Impact Gymnastics Alliance.

I know several NCAA athletes have expressed that they would like to continue competing after their NCAA careers but don’t want to do elite.
This could be an interesting development.

I can see this pro series act similar to the Bundesliga in Germany and Top 12 in France.

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I am curious.

NCAA 10.0 code of points or FIG elite code of points?

Given the rising popularity of NCAA gymnastics, if there was a 10.0 NCAA code of point league, that could get lots of participation and fan involvement, and with NLI in effect could attract various gymnasts as it wouldn’t effect NCAA eligibility (I don’t think)
Great idea if they get the details right and people are excited enough to attend.
I think it would depend mostly on the contract. Like the gymnasts could pay into it to be eligible but then get a higher payout for attending competitions.
If you could snag former NCAA stars and hold the events at the college arenas that regularly sell out, that could at least start it off on the right foot. I will admit to being continually baffled by the popularity of professional wrestling, but if they can figure out how to get even half that level of interest/loyalty…
There’s a lot of buzzwords, but very little actual content. No schedule of events, no athletes listed, nothing
It looks like they converted their pitch deck into a website. All the content is around driving investment, rather than subscribing or getting tickets. That’s fine, just an indicator of where they are.

It’s a fine concept but I am going to admit to being baffled by the addition of esports.

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