New Skills at 2023 Worlds

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Biles is attempting to get the Biles 2 FIG approve the 6.4 D score.

Shilese Jones and Hatakeda Chiaki are attempting to get the triple L turn named after themselves, it was given an E rating.

Dang, there’s 2 other “Jones” skills that would have been cooler to see before this one. But good luck to her.
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Nobody has ever done a triple L on floor?? I feel like someone must have done that before. Weird.
I read/heard somewhere (so much going on atm in the middle of packing for worlds) that Lieke tried submitting it a bunch of times.
It is a bit of a mouthful. Unless I’ve forgotten something this would only be the second dual-named element after the Derwael-Fenton?
A little off topic but I was watching some Eurosport coverage with Monica Phelps and she called what I know as a Pak salto on bars as a Kim salto. Does anyone know what it’s actually named in the code of points?
According to BBS clickable COP it’s a pak.

Phelps and other Eurosport commentators often used to use skill names I hadn’t heard before.

That’s some pike in the drawing!
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Probably just Monica Phelps making stuff up. For a while in the early 00s, several British commentators called a toe on shoot a Mo

What to know about Simone Biles’s vault, the Yurchenko double pike​

How long has Biles practiced this?

"Biles has said she first attempted a double-flipping Yurchenko years ago, before the 2016 Olympics when she trained with Coach Aimee Boorman. But at the time, she was just having fun with the safety of a foam pit, rather than envisioning it as a future competitive vault.

As Biles prepared for the Tokyo Olympics, now with coaches Cecile and Laurent Landi, she practiced Yurchenko double pikes into the foam pit to work on her push off the apparatus. She hoped doing so would improve her other Yurchenko-style vault. In February 2020, Biles posted a video of her powerful Yurchenko double pike into the pit, generating buzz among fans who wondered whether this might be possible in women’s gymnastics. Eventually, Biles realized she could perform a Yurchenko double pike safely in a competition."
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That is an astonishingly well-written article on the topic, and I am appreciating it. If only NBC would break down skills simply and well like the author does here.

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