Mountain West conference adds gymnastics

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I wonder where Southern Utah ends up?

ETA that leaves the MPSF with only 3 teams
So with just Southern Utah left, MRGC will end up folding leaving Southern Utah as independent.

However, MPSF is then left with only 3 teams Sac State, Alaska, and UC Davis.

I would think Southern Utah might join MPSF or seek to be an affiliate with Mountain West, or they will be like Fisk, Greenville, and Simpson and just be independent.
I am also wondering if Fisk, Greenville, and Simpson create their own conference along with Talladega.

It would become the third D 3 conference. I wonder if WIAC and NCGA East would agree to allowing a 3rd conference because that would screw up their regionals and nationals selections.
One of my local D1s is SDSU. Their club team is pretty visible on social media, though I think their meets are at a youth club well off campus. I wonder if there is a push by them (or any other MWC primary uni) to add wgymn.

I didn't see this thread until now. I saw the MW gymn championship being advertised on Twitter. I hope gymn in the MW becomes a stable thing. The Aztecs used to have varsity in the early 80's, I think. Would love for it to come back as varsity.
San Diego State disbanded their program in 1985. I think they had an event/ all around finalist at NCAAs, New Mexico WAG disbanded in 1993, the MAG team hung on for longer.
Colorado State had a program in the 80s.

Nevada had a WAG and MAG team I think.

So several current MWC schools had gymnastics at one point.

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