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I was terribly frustrated with the WAG 2000 situation but it wasn’t the worst. 1996 AA had many frustrating moments with superb gymnasts who fell short.

Then there’s Karpenko. So frustrating that she would trip during arguably a performance we would have loved.
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I mean, Russia 2000 all the way.

And then komova London aa vt, and every bb ef she did plus 2012 ub ef. I’m saying komova, in case I’m not being clear. Komovakomovakomova
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I didn’t find that frustrating I just thought it was a stupid unprofessional mistake by whoever make the decision to put them in and not sew them. I mean rookie mistake. Thousands of little girls around the world know better than that. It was sad and ridiculous but totally predictable and totally preventable.
It’s the result of coaches being unwilling or feeling unable to impose rules regarding hairstyles. 10 years ago, coaches would have no problem telling a gymnast that wasn’t a sensible hair style.

But there is zero chance that a white male coach is ever going to advise a black female gymnast on how she should wear her hair nowadays. 99% of the time, that’s a good thing. This was the 1% where really, someone should have said something. But it’s understandable if that didn’t happen
Honestly, I was disapointed with Simone and her twisties. I had already counted on her being the goat
I’ll add a MAG one…GBR going from 4th in 2010 qualifications to 10th in 2011 and missing Olympic qualification. That’s quite a drop and IIRC it was mostly due to HB mistakes. They had to go to the test event to qualify but I think in the end they said this actually helped them because it meant they got to perform in the Olympic arena with high stakes before London. Going from missing qualification to a surprise bronze medal is quite the story, shame there wasn’t a Gymnast-style documentary for it. Of course we didn’t know that at the time so it was frustrating to see such a strong team miss out.

Definitely agree with Karpenko’s toes and Russia 2000 WAG TF.

The 96 and 00 WAG AA finals were both very open and it’s frustrating so many gymnasts took themselves out of it (plus the confounding circumstances in Sydney). There weren’t many true contenders in 2004 and with the open code it’s unlikely to ever be quite so open and exciting again. 96 and 00 were dramatic competitions and are very rewatchable, but just imagine the scoring debates if everyone had hit!
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