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Leeiah Davis has been removed from the LIU roster (she was a transfer from Fisk set to start competing for LIU this season). Davis had been on the roster with her photo but she is no longer listed. Not sure what’s happening at LIU.
If anyone has some inside info i would appreciate it. I am a club coach, plus recruiting coordinator and i would hate to send my kids into a bad situation. Obviously whats bad for some may not be bad for all, but id like to know the issues. Please DM me if you need.
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It has been brought up by various gymnasts that LIU is not the best school for international students, plus the promised facility on campus is looking like it won’t happen, the commute to practice is 30 minutes one way.
Various factors seem to be in play.
Sounds like the coaching staff is not the best either.
LIU seems like it’s trying really hard to be like Stony Brook but is failing for whatever reason. Funding? The fact that it’s two campuses trying to solidify into one school? (And one of those campuses is a city campus and its always hard to get a coherent university feel when you’re in a major city.) It doesn’t really look like an appealing school, to be honest. Is it mostly commuters?
I think they had quite a large roster to begin with and even with all these unexpected departures they still have something like 16-18 girls
Mismanaged administration, Randy is bit of a sham and many, many un filled promises (maybe lies if he or school all along knew the new facility wasn’t going to be built, and other things), distance between campus and the gym. I heard of complaints also from the gym side that Randy leaves the gym a mess after his practices and the gym coaches think its super rude/inconsiderate. I don’t believe LIU pays the gym (I could be wrong).

*other programs travel to gyms off campus too. I do not believe LIU offers transportation and its on the gymnasts (they might receive a gas stipend)

*i heard Randy didn’t attend the first day when like freshman are dropped off and move in. I have no idea if that is normal or not, but two of his gymnasts didn’t even have dorms when they showed up.

*the location is meh in the middle of long island … there is no walkable town or shopping center. The Brooklyn campus would have been a better fit imo (theres nice gym facilities in BK and the city)
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Judging by how much he drove UCLA’s vault program into the ground this doesn’t surprise me.
Coaching ability aside, when Alyssa Beckerman revealed how he treated her at UCLA, I assumed perhaps with 2 decades to grow, he’d have been able to muster up more than a non-apology. I wonder how much he has grown as a coach since then.
There is obviously something up at LIU with all the transfers and gymnasts who have left the team.

But in the case of Davis, we don’t have the full story about what happened at Fisk.

A little strange Davis transferred to LIU from Fisk, didn’t compete last season, and now has left the team.

Might not have anything to do with the gymnasts, the coaches, or the university.

Maybe Davis made the move to LIU too hastily and has decided isn’t for her.

She was outspoken about feeling mistreated at Fisk, so you would figure she would speak out against further mistreatment at LIU.
Perhaps she was given a hard time at both/either school. If so, then I feel for her.

There is also the possibility that she wouldn’t be happy anywhere.

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