Larisa Iordach has officially retired

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but yeah, what QC said
Sad but not unexpected. Her body was giving her a pretty clear message. She was my sentimental pick for beam gold in Tokyo but that qualis beam routine ended up encapsulating her entire career. Waiting for her bars score to be confirmed at Euros was one of the most stressful things I’ve gone through in 25 years of watching gymnastics. I am glad I got to see her compete live so many times, I will fondly remember her performances in Brussels and Glasgow (and curse the London and Montreal injuries). I wish she’d achieved more, but she has been a big part of the last decade of gymnastics and will be sorely missed. Thank you Lari and all the best for your retirement.
It is not a big surprise but a shame she was never able to reach her full potential. Sad that Montreal effectively ended her career and she could never fully make it back
Love, love, love Larisa. Beautiful girl, beautiful gymnast. Have a wonderful life Larisa. We will miss you.
Oh what could have been… but then look at Wikipedia and see that what she did achieve was no mean feat for such an injury prone gymnast:

Olympic Team Bronze

2 x World AA medals
2 x World individual apparatus medals

3 x World Cup AA Gold medals

1 x European AA medals (beaten only by the queen Mustafina)
7 x European Gold medals

and that’s only the major competitions!

Her beautiful gymnastics will be missed but she’ll be in the history books as one of the Romanian Greats.

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