Jr. Pan Ams

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WAG Results

  1. USA
  2. Brazil
  3. Argentina
AA results
Junior Pan Am Championships AA
  1. Katelyn Jong USA 54.100
  2. Madray Johnson USA 53.550
    — Kaliya Lincoln USA 52.150
    — Kailin Chio USA 52.100
  3. Alana Walker JAM 49.850
  4. Nicole Iribarne ARG 49.550
  5. Andreza Lima BRA 49.000
  6. Gabriela Mota BRA 48.950
EF Qualifiers

I watched it and thought they looked very nice. Kaliya Lincoln has so much potential on floor. Great tumbling, lovely leaps and nice expression and dance potential. Madray Johnson is just lovely to watch. So elegant.
Anyone know what the 1.00 neutral deduction taken from the USA MAG team total was?

I am guessing the gymnasts competed in the incorrect order on an event?
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She trains in New Jersey and just won the Jr. B division at level 10 nationals! Dual citizen.
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Event Finals Part 1

  1. Katelyn Jong (USA), 13.784
  2. Kaliya Lincoln (USA), 13.784
  3. Zoe Salgado (ARG), 13.35
  1. Katelyn Jong (USA), 13.567
  2. Madray Johnson (USA), 12.134
  3. Mariangela Flores (MEX), 12.100
I did not watch, but I wanted to say that the logo looks like the guy gymnast just kicked the lady gymnast in the face…
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Event Finals Part 2

  1. Madray Johnson (USA), 13.400
  2. Katelyn Jong (USA), 12.034
  3. Gabriela Rodigues (BRA), 11.867
  1. Kaliya Lincoln (USA), 13.800
  2. Kallin Chip (USA), 13.334.
  3. Andreza Lima (BRA), 12.767
How nice that everyone placed/won something. I watched the young ladies in person at nationals and Kaliyah Lincoln and Kailin Chio stood out as forces to be reckoned with in the future (Katelyn is dominating, but her gymnastics is quite robotic and I wonder if she will burn out before 2024 with her high difficulty.
Agreed. Jong definitely had more difficulty and less personality. Hopefully that will come with age and confidence.

I’m not a fan of big difficulty at a young age. I would rather see lovely form and expression and perfect basics. Not Jong but some juniors have horrible chucked big skills.
I think the Kaliyah / Kailin / Katelyn trio is going to be great for the U.S., even as I do think the playing field is going to be much more level without Biles (at least next year; who knows if Biles will be back).

I think we’ll at least get 2021 and 2022 Worlds without Biles, so things should be interesting!

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