Jordan Chiles' mother going to prison

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What do you mean “tag”?

And it’s journalism. People are allowed to report on crimes which a defendant has plead guilty to.

Damn. This sounds pretty bad. Shame on her. I hate when people (particularly religious Ministers) take advantage of people like this.

At least she will get to see Jordan win an Olympic gold before she gets locked up.
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On his Twitter post he tagged every major gymnastics organization. Why tag USAG in your article of the mother of their athlete? It’s unnecessary and completely disrespectful to Jordan.


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Hopefully this doesn’t rattle her. She has been a superhero this year hitting all her routines. 24 for 24 is nothing to sneeze at. But she was also very much in the zone all year long. This can definitely be worrisome and stressful. Fingers crossed for Jordan.
I am truly sorry to hear that.

Tonite I will say a prayer for the Chiles family.

Jordan’s Mom should have known better, but I certainly prefer to be kind and compassionate, instead of judgmental.

Tonite I will pray for the family.

José M.
Completely unnecessary to be tagging gymnasts or teams or organizations in his tweet, but…I have no problem with the article. Sorry to say, but it’s news and things like this are reported (untimely or not) in every sport. I believe there was a football player awhile back that’s father was in prison…wasn’t really “news” that was featured until he was up for a Heisman. Then it was all over the news. Gina’s crime is hitting news now (and not a year ago) bc Jordan is now a National sports figure….and Gina is set to report for prison the day her daughter leaves for the Olympics
Simone went through that when her brother was arrested. Hopefully she has been supportive.
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Gina and Timothy are the Senior Pastors of According to His Word Worship Center. Its a nondenominational church they started. Timothy is also listed as “apostle.”

I don’t think tagging USAG is a big deal. It’s not as if they’re going to share the tweet. We should be more upset at her mom for putting her in this position than some writer. The fact that a prominent Olympian’s mother is going to jail the day her daughter is likely to win Olympic gold is very newsworthy whether we like it or not. Jordan has probably known about this for at least a year and it hasn’t seemed to faze her at all. Hopefully she’s not bothered by it much in Tokyo either. The Olympics should be a very good distraction for her. And because spectators aren’t allowed, hopefully NBC will focus less on the parents and more on the athletes themselves.
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My guess, and this is only a guess, is that the tags were included so that if someone was doing a search on Twitter the tweet would pop up. Basically the Twitter version of SEO. I have no problem with it.

I’m rather flabbergasted by people being up in arms about the tags as well as those screaming that this never should have been reported. Cecile Landi flipped out and called it irresponsible and unfair to Jordan to report it. WTF?
Not a good look for Cecile. This was always going to come out anyway and it’s ridiculous to complain about reporting of theft by a person who also has a pastoral role: there’s clear public interest there. Someone was going to join the dots at some point, especially as Gina hasn’t exactly tried to keep a low profile.

There are two sensible options now: completely ignore it or go for an isn’t Jordan amazing being able to achieve Olympic selection with all this going on angle. Bleating at the journalist for doing journalism just makes Cecile look stupid.
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Wtf was Cecile thinking?!

Crimes like these ruin lives and destroy livelihoods. Doing it under the guise of religion towards elderly people is just awful. Her name should be dragged through the mud whether she has an Olympian daughter or not.

It’s not like we were all giving Geddert a pass by saying “but think of his kids before you report his crimes”.

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