Jordan Chiles FX -- awesome tumbling, but what is Coach Laurent thinking?

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I absolutely loved Chiles’ tumbling last week, but the rest of the exercise is rough. She has dance elements she has absolutely no need for – what was Laurent thinking?! My changes shown below would raise her E-score about a point while keeping the D-score at 5.7, which is plenty high with good execution.

double tuckstand spin credit (D) bent leg on push, change of position, loss of balance –0.3
Single tuckstand spin (A) bent leg on push, loss of balance, –0.2
replace with a complex, creative dance passage including a cool single spin

full-twisting double layout (H) pike down -0.1
double layout (F) hop -0.1
switch ring (C) clearly –0.3 switch split
Strug (C) split tilt -0.1, off balance -0.1 Switch with the switch side half, which is more reliable as a second element of a passage.
pause -0.1
front double full + front full (love that she’s doing this!) (D + C + 0.2) low second salto, hop -0.2
switch side half (C) bent leg on take off -0.1
double pike (D) hops -0.4

Dance — she never really dances. I would take the following deductions:
  • Failure to engage the audience
  • Inability to reflect the musical theme / play a character
  • performance of the entire exercise as a series of disconnected elements and movements
  • insufficient complexity or creativity of movements
  • You could also argue the 0.3 deduction for lack of sync with the music, but I am not even going to touch that.
D-score: DHFCCDCD + 0.2 = 5.7 (the panel agreed).
E-score: 8.0 minus artistry = 7.6 (the panel said 7.9, which I think is a little generous, but internationally, they will be slightly less lenient I think)
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I gave 0.3 body shape for each of the first two spins. Plus 0.1 precision for each (neither were correctly rotated). Plus 0.1 balance for each.

I’m surprised you only gave 0.5 in deductions for both those spins. I had a point off before she even did her first tumble.
First, I have to get past that abomination of a leoatrd…my eyes, they burn!

Anyways, I just don’t get this construction AT ALL. Jordan sucked at wolf turns at her previous gym, she still sucks at them, so let’s have her do 2 terrible ones right at the top of the routine? Hello? And those dance skills, oy. Surely they can find a decently valued turn she can do consistently, and as Denn noted a switch leap switch side half combo will suffice. Maybe (maaaaaaaaybe) leave the Strug in there.

Don’t even get me started on the background music.

I just am so frustrated with this. She seems like she finally has her head on straight with regards to gymnastics, not inexplicably mucking up left and right randomly, and yet the skill choice, presumably by her coaches, is not playing to her strengths. She’s so much better than she was, yet she could be even better!

But again, maybe that heinous leo is just blinding me.
Totally crap floor music - I hate it when gymnasts use music like this! I honestly don’t think it does them any favours because the audience don’t engage with it.
Chiles FX is very good and respectable, but truly needs to improve considerably, especially if she wants to make the Olympic Team. Chiles needs to continue training hard, because with her FX in its current state, I don’t think she will even be an alternate. I wish Chiles success and the best, and I truly hope she improves.

José M.
The only thing I like about this exercise is the tumbling. I honestly don’t understand the hype about Chiles. She is so inconsistent and her dance is always subpar at best. If this is considered a hit routine…yikes. She has no business being on the Olympic team, imo.

I agree about the leo…sweet baby geezus, what were they thinking?!
Her tumbling was great. What scares me about Jordan is her rather considerable history of total inconsistency. Is all that in the past now that she has Laurent coaching her? We shall see . . . . .
I won’t put too much stock in one meet, particularly since she biffed floor at WOGA right before this.
I agree that this one meet isn’t necessarily indicative of what is to come from Chiles. However, Forster has expressed that Chiles has never looked better and has only been on an upward trajectory. From the footage we’ve seen of her post leaving Ungureanu, she certainly looks more confident–although I don’t suppose anyone would be posting bad training videos lol.

Given how far ahead she was of Carey in the AA (Jade’s floor exempt), Chiles could give Hurd or McCallum a run for their money.
I must admit I’m excited. We’ve always known she was a great talent who had immense potential in the right coaching setup. If she’s in anything close to it now, her trajectory could be fascinating. Jordan Chiles world AA champion!
True that Chiles was far ahead of the field, she wasn’t that far ahead of Carey. Probably 1.0-0.7 ahead of a hit Carey FX.

Chiles was consistent but she was over scored on FX by about 0.5-0.9, and her UB and BB getting to 8.300 was a bit lenient scoring. BB at Winter Cup was not judged with the same pen as it had in the past, many 8.0 in execution score. 12 gymnast got into the 8s in execution on BB, which is silly and demonstrates how loosely scored the event was.

Chiles 57.00 AA is more likely closer to a 55.500 AA with accurate scoring.
None of the A team competed AA here, with the top 3 Chiles, Jones, E Lee being B team.

It was still a fabulous performance on her end and tumbling on FX was extremely impressive. No way is that BB going 14.500 internationally.
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Totally! I love going back and looking.

Seems like we were all pretty spot on (except Rich’s front 2/1 1/2 premonition!) 😫😉
Seems like we were all pretty spot on (except Rich’s front 2/1 1/2 premonition!)
Oh shut up!!! It was a consistent pass all year long with the exception of the Olympic Team Finals! ANDDDD it was a much better option than the Dos Santos.

It’s just a favorite pass of mine along with whip, 2 1/2, punch pike!

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