How long will Nastia last at NBC?

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We know they dropped Elfie like a stone when the hot new thing came along.

When will Nastia become “old news”? Or do we think she will still be doing it a decade from now?
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Longer than she lasted in her reality show for sure!

I don’t think she’s overwhelmingly popular but no one is showing up to take it. Elfie was on air a long time even though people barely remembered her and she wasn’t popular so I extrapolate and say NBC will stick with Nastia for years.
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She still has HER cup, so it will be quite a while before she is gone.

Elfi last as long as she did because there was no American counter part.
Kathy Johnson was with ABC and Julianne McNamera was with CBS.

NBC had Mary Lou Retton for 1988, but then she ended up not doing commentary, which is when Schlegal was brought in.

I don’t see anyone up ending Liukin for quite some time. They would have to be an Olympic champion I think at the very least team, but having the AA gold medal is a huge factor.
Simone would be the obvious choice to replace Liukin, should she be replaced. However, that would depend on Biles wanting that role.
I just do not see Simone in this role. I wonder if Aly Raisman has her eye on it and if she is seen as a possible replacement for Nastia by NBC.
Aly’s speaking/interview voice was pretty bad. She would have to improve loads to replace Nastia who sounds reasonably comfortable on camera. Simone’s speaking/interviewing voice is more natural but she is more in the Laurie hyper category and people have been complaining about Laurie. I think Nastia has this at least for a little while.

If Terry wants out, I’d like Tanith White to be brought in. But a howler monkey would be an improvement over Al, so I can’t be picky there.
Tannith has been coaching lately, and was moved off the commentary team for nationals in favor of Ben Agosto because of it (too much on her plate I imagine to do both). I would be surprised if she came back for other sports.

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