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The senior cup is Friday at 7:00pm ET. The junior cup is Saturday at 6:30pm ET. The rest of the schedule can be found here for anyone interested in anything else.

Is anyone planning to attend?
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I wish the US would send a team or even some individuals. It isn't like it is a long flight for anyone on the eastern seaboard.

Do we know what the Canadian and Japanese teams will look like?

The US junior team going to Gymnix are the top four AA from Winter Cup.

From left to right the team is Lavi Crain, Claire Pease, Addy Fulcher, and Tyler Turner.
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Canadian seniors include Ellie Black, Aurélie Tran, and Frédérique Sgarbossa. Not sure if there will be others, cause who needs published starts lists, lol.

@irichluck21, I think your YouTube link is a scam. The organisers have said that they are not streaming the event.

I'll be at the junior and senior cups, though, and can try to take notes on certain athletes if anybody wants.
Ah, you're correct. No indication of whether they'll actually provide a stream, but it might be worth checking in later.
Oh who knows, the scoring isn't available. Even in the arena they didn't post total scores, so I don't know who won. I can give you a few highlights though. Besides Ellie's bhs-full (which she fell on in the comp but hit in warmups), highlights were Cassie Lee's beam (5.7/13.8), Misaki Masui's beam (?/13.7), the Japanese team on beam in general, some of the Japanese turns on floor, and Frédérick Sgarbossa's floor (don't remember the scores, but it was engaging). Masui was the big standout to me. She did a very pretty and respectable attempt at a Mustafina on floor, and her beam was quite enjoyable - I don't remember her skill selection, but it was quite clean.

Otherwise, the meet was quite March-y, lots of falls, lots of knees and wobbles. Most scores were below 13 and the only score about 14 was Ellie's bars (14.4).

Hopefully the meet organisation was tighter from the inside, because between the lack of scores or start lists, and no feed, the fan experience was a bit 😬
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oh bummer! I assume it was the meet itself, ugh just a promo!
Sorry for the misinformation.

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