FEEDBACK PLEASE: Does the forum software matter to you?

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Just looking for a little feedback here to continue to grow the forum into the future.
  1. If the forum software was changed… would it matter to you… or would you be here for the discussions no matter what software was used?
  2. Would you prefer a more traditional forum software… or do you like the more modern feel of the site now?
  3. Anything else you want to state about the site in general?
All users / discussions would be imported into the new software if a move was made.
I contribute to a few different message boards and this is actually among my favorite software in terms of a clean UI and a few unique features I haven’t seen much, like the side-scroll/timeline view on long threads, and the fact that the forum will jump to my last viewed post on threads.
I appreciate the lack of flashy signatures and extraneous features. The only other forum i am active on is reddit and i think this version of the site is similar but pared down compared to that. If a new ui is under consideration, maybe linking to somewhere that already uses it or having a demo/beta of the site to get a good comparison.

But in the end, i want what the site runners find user friendly and cost effective because i don’t want this place to go away.
I prefer as basic as possible. I have a hard time navigating the board with the current software. I love that I’m taken to the last post read when I click on a thread. I don’t like that I’m not finding threads. There are times I come across threads that have been active but I did not know about. I think keeping this place close to its roots is best.
There were times when I wouldn’t get newly active threads bolded but I don’t think I’ve had that error in the last year or so. I use chrome on mobile and firefox on pc.
Ok… I’m going to fire up a couple of new features on the site and see what you all think. Worlds will be a perfect testing ground for them.

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I can’t wait to try the chat feature

I am not a fan of the “table of contents” on the left side though.

ETA. nevermind I just realized I can deactivate it!
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I like the sidebar on desktop, but it renders the site basically unusable for me on mobile unless I’m in desktop mode:



Android 11, Firefox 106.1.0
Is it detecting like that? The desktop version will not work on mobile. That’s the desktop version that you have in the images above.

If you hit the hamburger icon… the menu should disappear. However… the menu should open over the top of the screen on mobile… not next to it.
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I just want to point out to everyone in this thread that Justin has put a LOT of thought into this. He explored a bunch of options and has used one or two for another site he runs over the years. He and I also talked and he was very much interested in making a decision that was practical and valuable to everyon here.

I really appreciate all of that as well as this thread asking for people’s input, and I suspect just about everyone else appreciates it, too. Justin, you’re so great at this!

(BTW I am also surprised at the consistency of the positive responses about this software. I must say, I do like it, too, though I also would probably like most other options.)
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