Every Four Year Request: IE- Spoilers in Thread Titles (Please Read)

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It is that time again! The Olympics are here and after a long year of wondering and waiting, the postponed Olympics are taking place.

The tradition that we established on the previous board was to respect our members by maintaining spoiler free discussion thread titles, members requested to maintain this tradition.

There is a SPOILER FREE thread so that any member can find the links to live video streams, the Gymnaverse Scoring sheet (spoilers), live scores, and video replays. In addition there is a time conversion chart to help determine what your local time is compared to time in Tokyo.
That is here: SPOILER -FREE 2020 Olympics Gymnastics Time Conversion Chart, Streaming Video, Start Lists

There are discussion threads set up for all of the events, the first post contains the roster, live viode streaming, start lists (coming) and live scoring (coming):

Men’s Qualifications: 2020 Men's Artistic Gymnastics Qualifications (Saturday, July 24, 2020) - #3
Women’s Qualifications Subdivision1: 2020 Women's Artistic Qualifications Subdivision 1 (Sunday, July 25, 2021) Teams: ITA/JPN/ MG3/ MG6 - #3
Rest of subdivisions are there as well.

Please be considerate to other members when creating new threads and make thread titles spoiler free.


Instead of: How did Team USA lose gold?
Please Use: “Team Finals Question: Team USA”

Thank you! 🙏
The BBC iPlayer spoiled Euros for me one year by headlining the replay something like “Ellie Downie takes gold in the AA”. It was the same day, and I had kept off social media all freaking day to watch it in peace that evening. I sent them a complaint, but never heard back.
I’m missing WAG finals and most of the EFs this time around, so I really hope I can remain in the dark until I catch up!

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