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Obviously we don’t yet know the situation with Simone regarding EFs. She may withdraw from all or some. But some other athletes have question mark due to injury. Particularly the beam final has the potential to change dramatically as Ellie, Flavia and Larissa have injuries.

Any updates from these athletes?
Beam is going to be nuts. There’s a legitimate chance that they’ll have to use all the reserve athletes and more. I really hope Larissa, Flavia, and Simone can all compete - but it would be kind of fun to see Sanne come in as the final reserve athlete and win a medal.
If four or more people withdraw from a final, do they keep going down the list of qualifiers pas the original reserves, or do they have 7 or fewer people in the final?
Understand that they keep going down the list but have they said anything about if any of those athletes are still even in the country?
If an athlete declines their place it’s just treated the same as an athlete pulling out and given to the next person I think
For sure, it’ll be hard for Sanne to make the final. But if something crazy like that is going to happen in an Olympics, this’ll be the year.
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Next in line would be Nina Derwael.
Then Gerasimova and Melnikova are 2-pered.
Then Rebecca Andrade.

So even if they needed R5 & R6, both should be staying for floor final. It is before beam final, but you would think they could both stick around an extra day.
just out of curiosity, what would SImone’s D score be if she did a double tuck or pike off beam? would it still be competitive? there isn’t a lot in her routine
BHS BHS Biles = H + 0.3

BHS BHS Full In = G + 0.3

BHS BHS Double Pike = E + 0.2

BHS BHS Double Tuck = D + 0.1

Depending on what the rest of her routine gets credit for. But ditching the full in and replacing w a Double Pike loses 3 tenths.
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Just woke up to see that Simone’s story on Instagram is all about the issue that she is having with twisting.
Which, if she could stick the pike makes it only 2 tenths and as deducting-happy (about time the judges started applying the rules, I just wish it sister seem to happen out of the blue at major competitions. I don’t remember scoring being so precise at Euros), a simpler routine might be the way to go anyway. I wonder id a glorious stuck layout would actually be helpful to the routine score.

Props to the US coaches for managing to make some adjustments. Jordan’s bb dismount and Suni’sfx dismount being prime examples.
I wonder id a glorious stuck layout would actually be helpful to the routine score.
A layout is an A (1 tenth).

A two BHS to double pike = E+2 (7 tenths).

You’d need a “head on the knees” and a meter+ step on the double pike, as compared to a perfect stuck layout, to get the same total.
That beam final will be interesting. Right now there are several qualifiers carrying injuries and since it could be their last games they may wish to compete anyway…could be a very wobbly final with surprise medalists.
Ellie Black is apparently planning to compete, although I can’t find the official statement from Canadian Gymnastics. So that leaves Larisa, Flavia, Simone as question marks still.

Larisa Iordache looks like she shouldn’t be standing up, much less tumbling.

I really, really hope for her sake that her ankle holds out until after the final.

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