Brazil’s verification camp - Rebeca Andrade

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Brazillian national team had a verificantion camp yesterday and girls had to perform on each apparatus as part of preparation to the upcoming Pan Am games.
Here vídeos from Rebeca routines
(It seems like Flávia Saraiva did not perform)





Flavia already obtained a spot so she is automatically ineligible for Pan Ams.
Since Brazil did not qualify a full team if one of the athletes finishes top 2 that becomes the athletes spot by name.

That is likely why Flavia is not there/not performed.
USA WAG is not planning senior PanAms in any capacity. They don’t have any senior international meets on their 2021 calendar anymore except Tokyo and Worlds. Worlds will have a proper selection camp.

There’s a junior PanAm Championships in Mexico in May, and junior PanAm Games in Colombia in August. The latter has a selection camp, but the former does not and is scheduled for a week before Trials. No word on how seriously the Mexico meet is being taken, but I’d guess they’d use junior Nationals to select for it if they attend.
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Andrade looks fantastic! But I’m a little concerned about her floor composition. A Chuso first line and 2.5 + 1.0 second line gets her 1.7 points, but the 1.0 stepout + full-in (I assume) and DLO gets her 1.6. Maybe she’s going for a Chuso second line… I loved her 2.5 + 1.0 so much lol. The Memmel + en dehors + 2 front attitude turn seems unreliable, but she would get credit for it here in my book. Also, this quad, jumping out of a turning leap doesn’t render the first leap fully rotated, yeah?
Besides already securing 2 spots (should Jade accept the spot) USAG is not sending anyone because it is the same weekend as Nationals.

I believe the men might be sending two athletes but they always send someone to events, even if they aren’t on the national team such as Universiade.
Flavia already obtained a spot so she is automatically ineligible for Pan Ams.
She’s not ineligible for Pan Ams. Maybe internal Brazil policy says so, but it’s not like Pan Ams said “no, you can’t attend!” But Flavia would be like Melnikova at Euros–she cannot secure an additional +1, but she can win as many medals as possible.
Argentina is the favorite IMO to take one of the spots.
Martina Dominici took Argentina’s sole spot at Worlds in 31st place in TQ and was also the 3rd reserve.
However, teammate Abigail Magrstrati was 36th, just .4 off from her teammate. She also has a solid DTY which certainly helps.

I don’t know that Mexico has anyone.
IIRC Anapaula Gutierrez was 58th at Worlds and twin Jimena was the team alternate. However, they are both headed to Stanford to compete for them and I had heard they were no longer doing elite. Frida Esparza is competing at UCLA. Do they have any new seniors eligible?

Canada is also interesting because their top AAers are not eligible. Although Ava Stewart seems to be a potential AA threat for them as well. Rose Woo is another option.

So I would go Brazil with the heavy favored and then Argentina with next best chance. Canada is wild card, and Mexico unlikely.
I Think they’ve gotten rid of all her front landings. By the way im worried she might not bring back her amanar which would be very helpful for her all around final score.

To be honest i was hoping a bit more from her at This point of preparation. She needs to step up her D score on bars and beam if she wants to be in contention.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe these particular championships there would be no team event and NOC were allowed to enter two AA athletes. Unless I am wrong or that has changed, why would Brazil want to send her as one of the two athletes if she is not eligible?
Is she still planning a comeback. She mentioned it a year ago once the Olympics were postponed. But how far along did she get in training? She also has not competed in five years.

It would be great if she did comeback but I wonder as to the level of her gymnastics, especially training only part-time.
Wasn’t the 5/2 punch 1/1 the pass she injured her knee on at one point? She’s had so many knee injuries it’s hard to remember the when/“why”.
Yep. Then she is no Longer performing it.
They could be planning: chuso, DLO, front full step out to full in, double pike

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