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There have been a total of 3,001 all-around performances, as well as 3,664 vault scores, 3,841 bars scores, 3,967 beam scores, and 3,822 floor scores so far this year, in addition to 622 two-vault attempts that get averaged for an event final (or qualification into a final).

Below, find a list of the top all-around and event scores thus far, as well as the top D scores for each event. An asterisk (*) next to the name denotes a junior competitor, and I’ve removed bonus from all domestic meets to keep things as accurate as possible. As a note, we only include juniors in the two-vault averages or D-score combos if they’re competing vaults from two different families, and if a competition uses bonuses but their score sheets don’t differentiate those bonuses from the totals, we don’t include those scores in our database.

Note that we also only include difficulty scores that were actually awarded by judges in a competition – Guan Chenchen may be attempting a 7.0 beam routine, but because China did not reveal D and E breakdowns for any of its competitions this year aside from event finals at nationals, a 6.2 is the highest we have on record for her, so that’s what we included.

Top 10 AA Scores

Rank Athlete Nation Meet Score
1 Simone Biles United States U.S. Olympic Trials D1 60.565
2 Sunisa Lee United States U.S. Olympic Trials D2 58.166
3 Viktoria Listunova Russia Russian Cup AA 57.965
4 Li Shijia China Chinese Championships QF 57.698
5 Jordan Chiles United States U.S. Championships D2 57.550
6 Vladislava Urazova Russia Russian Championships AA 57.365
7 Zhang Jin China 2nd Chinese Olympic Trials 57.032
8 Lu Yufei China Chinese Championships QF 56.932
9 Wei Xiaoyuan China 2nd Chinese Olympic Trials 56.832
10 Angelina Melnikova Russia Russian Cup QF 56.831

The rest at her website.
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Best Vault Average Scores
1Simone BilesUnited StatesU.S. Championships D115.550
2MyKayla SkinnerUnited StatesU.S. Olympic Trials D215.233
3Giulia SteingruberSwitzerlandEuropean Championships EF14.824
4Jordan ChilesUnited StatesU.S. Championships D214.650
5Lilia AkhaimovaRussiaRussian Cup EF14.599
Deng YalanChinaChinese Championships EF14.599
7Murakami MaiJapanAll-Japan Event Championships EF14.583
8Shallon OlsenCanadaCanadian Championships AA14.500
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Best Uneven Bars Scores
1Sunisa LeeUnited StatesU.S. Olympic Trials D115.300
2Fan YilinChina1st Chinese Olympic Trials15.233
3Wei XiaoyuanChina2nd Chinese Olympic Trials15.166
4Nina DerwaelBelgiumBelgian Test Meet15.150
5Vladislava UrazovaRussiaRussian Cup EF15.100
Riley McCuskerUnited StatesU.S. Championships D215.100
7Angelina MelnikovaRussiaRussian Cup EF15.066
8Diana Kustova*RussiaRussian Junior Championships EF15.020
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Best Balance Beam Scores
1Ou YushanChina1st Chinese Olympic Trials15.633
2Guan ChenchenChinaChinese Championships AA15.466
3Li ShijiaChinaChinese Championships QF15.400
4Sun XinyiChinaChinese Championships QF15.200
5Luo RuiChina2nd Chinese Olympic Trials15.133
Simone BilesUnited StatesU.S. Olympic Trials D115.133
7Maria KharenkovaGeorgiaRussian Federal Championships QF15.125
8Lu YufeiChina1st Chinese Olympic Trials15
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Best Floor Exercise Scores
1Simone BilesUnited StatesU.S. Olympic Trials D115.366
2Viktoria ListunovaRussiaRussian Championships QF14.433
Angelina MelnikovaRussiaRussian Cup AA14.433
4Murakami MaiJapanAll-Japan Championships AA14.366
5Ou YushanChinaChinese Championships AA14.333
6Vanessa FerrariItalyDoha World Cup EF14.266
7Kaliya Lincoln*United StatesJunior Pan Am Championships AA14.250
8Leanne WongUnited StatesU.S. Olympic Trials D214.233
Can any Russian readers help us find video of Kharenkova’s 15.125 beam?!?! That’s alarming!

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