Antwerp draw

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The draw for Antwerp is out. FIG files here with further details on the AA groups and EF draws. For some reason the specialist groups aren’t out yet.


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Well the conspiracy that USA WAG are favored by FIG and given the best draws is officially squished and done.
Subdivision 1 in 2022 and now subdivision 2 in 2023.

China finally gets a late (last subdivision) and Belgium at least is not 1st up.
France, Japan, China with good luck going near the end of qualification as Paris hopefuls.

Netherlands and Korea being in the first few subdivisions hurts their chances at Paris, and Italy can’t like that they are up in subdivision 1.
Subdivision 4 will be interesting with Spain, Belgium, and Romania. Whoever wins the subdivision will be in a good spot for Paris qualification. I think if you don’t win this subdivision it will be pretty hard to get into Paris. Then again, Mexico, Hungary, and Australia could all surprise in the following subdivisions.

The race for the top 9 non-qualified teams will be really exciting. There are 14 teams gunning for 9 spots.
Can’t decide if starting on floor is good for China or not. They’ll get their worst two events out of the way. Then again, any meltdowns on floor and vault may reduce them to absolute garbage on bars and beam.
Starting on UB is a decent draw for GBR. VT and FX are surely going to be their best rotations and gets BB out of the way first. The6 can relax with regards to Paris quals, though, so takes some pressure off.
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Placements for a few notable individuals - Kaylia Nemour and Filipa Martins will be in subdivision 5, Lynnzee Brown in 7, Aleah Finnegan in 8. The final subdivision will include individuals from Iceland, Ireland, Colombia, Indonesia and Uzbekistan.

Also notable from the updated list of individual qualifiers, Sydney Barros (injured) and Oksana Chusovitina appear to have withdrawn.
in my mind, starting on floor should help China. Use the adrenaline to power through their tumbles, use the confidence boost to land their vaults securely, and then compete for the EF spots on their best events. I hope I didn’t jinx everything.
is there a schedule of times for this yet? I just can find the dates of the events, not the times… I wanna take some days off lol
It definitely exists somewhere on the FIG site because there’s a screenshot. Can’t find the link though. Assume times in CET.

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in my mind, starting on floor should help China.
Ending on beam is at least better than starting on beam. Starting on power events is good for nerves. Get used to the crowd screaming on an event where the music will drown some of it out. This is what I am telling myself.

I am more concerned with the last subdivision starting at 9:15 and going to nearly 11pm. A Chinese beam rotation at 10:30 at night will be the last thing the panel of judges (that have been judging for over 12 hours) will see.
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It’s a loooooot to ask of the judges.

Re China WAG, is it still looking like they’ll split the A team between Asian Games and worlds? I know that was being said a few weeks back.
I believe so. A user on Reddit is saying they’re prioritizing beating Japan in front of a home crowd, and that Qiyuan is supposedly on their provisional roster for the Asian Games.
Japan isn’t sending their A team to the Asian games, why should China? Their B team should be able to win the team event. Based on Nationals, I would be sending these teams:

Worlds: Qiu Qiyuan, Zhang Qingying, Ou Yushan, Wei Xiaoyuan, Huang Zhuofan

VT: 1. Zhang, 2. Ou, 3. Wei (4. Qiu)
UB: 1. Qiu, 2. Wei, 3. Huang (4. Ou)
BB: 1. Qiu, 2. Zhang, 3. Ou (4. Wei)
FX: 1. Ou, 2. Zhang, 3. Qiu (4. Wei)

Asian Games: Zhang Xinyi, Zuo Tong, Zhou Yaqin, Du Siyu, Yu Linmin

VT: 1. Linmin, 2. Xinyi, 3. Siyu (4. Tong)
UB: 1. Siyu, 2. Tong, 3. Xinyi (4. Yaqin)
BB: 1. Xinyi, 2. Yaqin, 3. Tong (4. Siyu)
FX: 1. Xinyi, 2. Yaqin, 3. Tong (4. Siyu)

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