2024 NCAA Regionals (NOW! 4/3/24)

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Because us fans hold each other accountable. If you're spouting off with incorrect information, you will get corrected.

FIG and NCAA? They're accountable to no one.
OMG, I NEVER thought of that. I think you're totally right! When I first got into it about 25 years, I was posting online and I really didn't want to be wrong — partly because I didn't want to pass on wrong information but also partly because the online community doesn't like mistakes, and what's the point of posting stuff and having everyone complain about it?

Fantastic insight! Thank you!
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Play Ins are happening.
Illinois vs Ball State after 2 rotations they are basically tied. Illinois 97.925 and Ball State 97.900
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Illinois advanced over Ball State, the latter which was unable to take advantage of bars.
Heart breaker in the 2nd play in Boise State was eliminated by BYU after initially tying for the win.
Once the dropped scores were added in, BYU had a .150 win over Boise State.

According to Spencer one of the BYU gymnasts got a 9.50 on floor with a questionable knee down on first pass. Got a range of scores from 9.200-9.650. Some judges deducted it as a fall, others did not.
That was likely the difference, though Boise State had the lead after 3 rotations and also struggled on floor in the final rotation, while BYU was strong on BB.
I have to admit, feeling some schadenfreude with Ball State eliminated. Without that massive Tennessee Fake Score, they would have qualified 36th, and wouldn't have secured their spot until after conference championships were finished. I wonder how not having a spot secured would have affected them at MACs.

Throw out the equally mysterious 197.425 at GW, and they wouldn't have qualified to regionals at all.

I know the wretched state of NCAA scoring is not the fault of the gymnasts in any way. But.....
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But Ball State with a 198 score this year was absolutely insanity.
Can't get out of play ins is perfect evidence of the absurdity of college gymnastic scoring.
I can't remember where I read it, but I think only the two middle scores have to be within range. It explains the 9.1-9.6 split for one of the Boise St bar routines.

There were enough questionable scores and issues with judging in the play in yesterday that I'm now feeling confident Arkansas is going to pull an upset.
I guess I don't understand why there would be a knee graze deduction available, if a touching knee would also be counted as a fall. Someone posted video in the reddit thread too, and it appeared pretty graze-y.... She pops right up, no hand support... It's only when you pause it from that angle that it looks like she's resting on her knee on the mat.

But I also chose byu to win so I'm not mad about it 🤣
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Penn State went 196.925 to eliminate Michigan 196.725
Michigan counted a fall on beam.

Alabama has a few floors left but they should move on as well.
Man I freaking love regionals, that's crazy.

Filling out the bracket was so hard this year, because you had a feeling some teams would implode, you just didn't know which round they'd choose to implode in
Beam has been a struggle for Michigan this year. After the lead-off fall, I kind of saw this coming.

Arkansas is having a great day.
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Wait, MICHIGAN is out? In the semis? At home? Holy shit, I didn't see that one coming.
Yup. Counted a fall on beam (9.2) dropped them below 197. Penn State had a phenomenal meet and just went under 197.

No longer can seeded teams count a fall (other than Oklahoma probably) and be fine to advance.
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Iowa State just defeated Clemson. 195.875-195.625 Clemson had issues on bars. Iowa State counted a 9.650 but Clemson had to count a 9.275 on bars. That was ultimately the difference.
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Arkansas beats Kentucky today 197.325 to 197.100. Not a major issue because they both advance and eliminate Nebraska and Arizona who counted falls on bars.

But pretty significant in that they beat Kentucky once already.
Clemson got smacked in the face with reality. Even without counting a fall, ISU would have beat them. I thought Clemson was massively overscored all season, even compared to the general overall craziness of scoring this year.

I'll be VERY curious to see how NC State does tonight. They were pretty overscored, too, and the scores at ACCs had zero basis in reality. Crazytown ACC scoring vs. somewhat sane Big 10 scoring is what moved NC State to a seeded spot and dropped Ohio State out of the top 16.
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Clemson was very overscored at home and couldn't match scores for hit meets on the road. They were also very inconsistent, especially on uneven bars.

That said, Clemson would have won had they not counted a bars fall. They lost by .250 and did count the 9.275 from Webb. Lauren Rutherford is normally a bars ace but struggled the last few meets and IIRC fell off bars at ACCs as well.

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