2023 World University Games (Jul. 28 - Aug. 8)

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Logo and Rongbao

Originally meant to be held in China in 2021, the World University Games (formerly Universiade) were first postponed to 2022 because of Covid-19. The next summer games were meant to be held in Russia in 2023, but those were suspended because of the war. Then the 2022 version of the 2021 games were postponed another year due to Covid. So now here we are back to being held in Chengdu, China - 2023 edition but with the original logos.

The mascot for this year’s competition is Rongbao the Panda.

The mascot Rongbao appears with a torch in his hand. With Sichuan being the natural habitat of the giant panda, the animal has long been linked with Sichuan province and its capital city Chengdu. Rongbao is designed after a real giant panda named Zhima, which resides at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. “Rong” is the city name Chengdu for short. The facial design of Rongbao draws inspiration from the traditional artistic treasure - Sichuan Opera’s facial makeup. The ears, eyes, and tail of Rongbao also resemble the shape of flames. Flames represent the fire under the Sichuan cuisine hotpot, the dazzling highlight of Sichuan Opera’s fire-breathing, and above all, the passionate and unrestrained spirit of the Chengdu people. Notably, the flame crowning Rongbao’s torch takes the form of 31, symbolising the 31st summer edition of the FISU World University Games. (https://www.2021chengdu.com)

The gymnastics portion of the competition will be held from August 1-5. Taishan equipment.
Aug 1 - Men’s qualifying/team final Day 1
Aug 2 - Men’s qualifying/team final Day 2
Aug 3 - Women’s qualifying/team final
Aug 4 - Men’s AA Final and Women’s AA Final
Aug 5 - Men and Women all Event Finals

China WAG:
Ou Yushan, Wei Xiaoyuan, Luo Huan, Du Siyu, Zhang Jin
Yu Linmin (alt.), Tang Xijing (alt.)

Japan WAG:
Watanabe Hazuki, Miyata Shoko, Fukasawa Kokoro, Hatakeda Chiaki, Sakaguchi Ayaka, + Ushioku Kohane

USA [COLOR=# **0000FF**]MAG[/COLOR]:
Landen Blixt, Taylor Christopulos, Joshua Karnes, Fred Richard, Ian Skirkey
Matt Cormier (alt.), Kameron Nelson (alt.)

Japan [COLOR=# **0000FF**]MAG[/COLOR]:
Hashimoto Daiki, Kaya Kazuma, Minami Kazuki, Sugimoto Kaiyoto, Shohei Kawakami.

China [COLOR=# **0000FF**]MAG[/COLOR]:
Zhang Boheng, Zou Jingyuan, Shi Cong, Su Weide, Lan Xingyu
Yin Dexing (alt.), Li Hongyan (alt.)

More men’s teams here: https://www.neutraldeductions.com/post/2021-2023-fisu-university-games-men-s-gymnastics-rosters

Stream: https://www.fisu.tv/
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That is a great US men’s team, I think they might be underrated and can do some damage.
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Zou Jingyuan was the first runner to kick off the torch relay back in June. He is a student at Chengdu Sport University.

Zou Jingyuan Torch Relay
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Qualifications Draw

Uni Mix Groups MAG

Uni Quals WAG

Uni Mix Groups WAG

I’ve been searching for who is on the Japanese women’s team, which I’m sure was announced somewhere long ago, but haven’t had luck.

ETA: Nevermind, I found it. JPN WAG is Watanabe Hazuki, Miyata Shoko, Fukasawa Kokoro, Hatakeda Chiaki, and Sakaguchi Ayaka.


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Update for China’s men’s team announcement. The team is Zhang Boheng, Zou Jingyuan, Shi Cong, Su Weide, and Lan Xingyu. Alternates are Yin Dexing and Li Hongyan.

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WOW — China and Japan sent their A-Teams to the men’s meet!!!

You don’t get to see the dueling World Champions Zhang Boheng vs. Daiki Hashimoto battle it out very often — maybe once per year? But we get a bonus round this year!!!
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I think the graphic is wrong for the event final dates. In Chengdu the first session of EF is 1pm-4:20pm, then the second session is 7pm-10:20pm on August 5th. It should still all be on August 5th for EDT starting at 1am-4:20am, then 7am-10:20am.

2023/8/5 SAT 13:00 13:30 Individual Apparatus Final: Floor Exercise M Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 13:30 14:00 Individual Apparatus Final: Vault W Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 14:00 14:30 Individual Apparatus Final: Pommel Horse M Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 14:30 15:00 Individual Apparatus Final: Uneven Bars W Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 15:00 15:30 Individual Apparatus Final: Rings M Competition

2023/8/5 SAT 15:30 15:40 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Floor Exercise M
2023/8/5 SAT 15:40 15:50 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Vault W
2023/8/5 SAT 15:50 16:00 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Pommel Horse M
2023/8/5 SAT 16:00 16:10 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Uneven Bars W
2023/8/5 SAT 16:10 16:20 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Rings M

2023/8/5 SAT 19:00 19:30 Individual Apparatus Final: Vault M Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 19:30 20:00 Individual Apparatus Final: Balance Beam W Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 20:00 20:30 Individual Apparatus Final: Parallel Bars M Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 20:30 21:00 Individual Apparatus Final: Floor Exercise W Competition
2023/8/5 SAT 21:00 21:30 Individual Apparatus Final: Horizontal Bar M Competition

2023/8/5 SAT 21:30 21:40 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Vault M
2023/8/5 SAT 21:40 21:50 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Balance Beam W
2023/8/5 SAT 21:50 22:00 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Parallel Bars M
2023/8/5 SAT 22:00 22:10 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Floor Exercise W
2023/8/5 SAT 22:10 22:20 Medal Ceremony for Individual Apparatus: Horizontal Bar M


Also for Japan Watanabe Hazuki is out with an ankle injury. Ushioku Kohane replaces her.

ETA: USAG deleted the tweet lol.
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Also super confusing because this is supposed to be the 2023 University Games.
But Chengdu, the hosts were supposed to host the 2021 Games but they were cancelled due to Covid, and the hosts are calling this the 2021 University Games instead.

So likely to be some confusion at some point.

Zou Jingyuan was chosen to be one of the flag bearers to carry the University Games flag into the stadium during the Opening Ceremonies.

Zou Jingyuan Flag Bearer

Zou Jingyuan Flag Bearer 2


Hashimoto Daiki was chosen to be the flag bearer for the Japanese delegation.


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Chinese and German teams at the University Games. China and Germany will be rotating together during the qualfications/team final in subdivision 2, starting on UB together. Subdivision 2 will stream live on FISU.tv starting at 3am EDT early Thursday morning (8/3) with Olly Hogben commentating.

Sophie Scheder’s UB in the training hall:

I was watching the Wushu competition last night on the FISU stream and it worked great, you don’t have to log into anything, just click the link and it opens right up and plays. No one should have any issues watching all of the gymnastics live, other then it all being in the middle of the night lol. I’ll post links to the individual streams for each subdivision when it gets closer to the competition starting.

It says you can watch replays if you subscribe. I made an account and subscribed (it’s free- only asked for name and e-mail), so far they have the full replay up of Opening Ceremonies from Friday but not the Day 1 events yet. I’ll keep checking. There are full replays of every stream from both 2019 and 2017 University Games on there if you “subscribe.”


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USA MAG line up

Blixt, Richard, Karnes in AA
Christopulos in all but PH, Skirkey PH
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Men’s Qualifications + Team Finals
Starting tonight! Qualifications and Team Finals are combined as one competition, taking place over two days. Subdivisons 1+2 are early Tuesday morning, Subdivisions 3+4 are early Wednesday morning.

August 1: 1:55am - 5:00am ET
Subdivision 1: Mix Group 1, Mix Group 2, Hong Kong, USA
Live Stream: FISU Stream 3

August 1: 6:25am - 9:50am ET
Subdivision 2: Turkey, Finland, Spain, Cypress, Croatia, Ukraine
Live Stream: FISU Stream 3

August 2: 1:55am - 5:35am ET
Subdivision 3: Austria, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Iran
Live Stream: FISU Stream 2

August 2: 6:25am - 9:50am ET
Subdivision 4: Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Australia
Live Stream: FISU Stream 2

ETA: Also, the replays from the wushu competitions on days 1 and 2 are now up and I am able to watch them. Today is day 3… or morning of day 4 in China. So I’d say expect replays of the full streams from gymnastics to be up within a day or two after the competitions.
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