2021 Winter Cup (Feb. 26-28) - Men's Side

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[COLOR=1C2089]What is it?[/COLOR]

This competition selects the members of both the Junior and Senior US National Teams. It also serves as a qualifier for the 2021 US National Championships.

[COLOR=1C2089]When is it?[/COLOR]

Friday, February 26, 2021
  • 7:30 pm ET – Winter Cup: Senior Men’s Competition Day 1 - All-around final and event qualifications
Saturday, February 27, 2021
  • 5:30 pm ET – Junior Men’s Competition - Elite Team Cup team final; Winter Cup all-around final and event qualifications
Sunday, February 28, 2021
  • 5:30 pm ET – Winter Cup: Senior and Junior Men’s Competition Day 2 – Event Finals
[COLOR=1C2089]Where can we watch?[/COLOR]

NBC Sports Network will have the senior men’s day one [COLOR=FF0A1B]live[/COLOR], which is the All Around Final and qualifications for day two’s event finals.

USAG Youtube will have senior men’s day one archived for viewing after the event.

FloGymnastics will stream [COLOR=FF0A1B]live[/COLOR] podium training, everything from junior men, and senior men’s day two event final competition.

For more information and results: https://www.wintercup.com/
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Don’t we usually know by now who is competing?
According to the men’s directives for the competition, pre-qualified athletes had to submit their reservation and pay the meet entry fee by January 31. Athletes who were petitioning via video submission had until February 8th.

So at this point the roster should be finalized, it just hasn’t been published yet.
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I have expressed my anger so many places, but please let me say again that FloGymnastics can piss right off. Honestly, if they were TRYING to kill the sport Flo and USAG couldn’t possibly do a better job. Guess I don’t get to watch men’s event finals!
Winter Cup Roster

Allan Bower, Chandler, Ariz., University of Oklahoma, senior

Cameron Bock, Tustin, Calif., University of Michigan, senior
Adrian De Los Angeles, Long Beach, Calif., U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, senior
Isaiah Drake, Los Angeles, Calif., Gymnastics Olympica USA, senior
Riley Loos, El Dorado Hills, Calif., Stanford University, senior
Kanji Oyama, Huntington Beach, Calif., U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, senior
Timothy Wang, Riverside, Calif., USAF Academy, senior

Taylor Burkhart, Morrison, Colo., 5280 Gymnastics, senior
Vitaliy Guimaraes, Arvada, Colo., University of Oklahoma, senior
Yul Moldauer, Arvada, Colo., 5280 Gymnastics, senior
Brandon Wynn, Golden, Colo., Ohio State, senior

Crew Bold, Delray Beach, Fla., University of Minnesota, senior
Sean Melton, Orlando, Fla., Ohio State, senior

Alex Diab, Glen Ellyn, Ill., University of Illinois, senior
Paul Juda, Deerfield, Ill., University of Michigan, senior

Alec Yoder, Indianapolis, Ind., Ohio State, senior

Khoi Young, Bowie, Md., Sportsplex Gymnastics, senior

Stephen Nedoroscik, Worcester, Mass., Penn State University, senior

Landen Blixt, Fowlerville, Mich., infinity Gymnastics Academy, senior

Shane Wiskus, Spring Park, Minn., University of Minnesota, senior

New Hampshire
Mike Fletcher, Nashua, N.H., University of Illinois, senior

New Jersey
Michael Moran, Morristown, N.J., University of Minnesota, senior

New York
Eddie Penev, Penfield, N.Y., U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, senior

Genki Suzuki, Norman, Okla., University of Oklahoma, senior

Matt Wenske, Houston, Texas, University of Oklahoma, senior

Kiwan Watts, Richmond, Va., Sun Devil Gymnastic Club, senior

Garrett Braunton, Olympia, Wash., USAF Academy, senior

Marvin Kimble, Milwaukee, Wis., Salto Gymnastics Center, senior
Robert Neff, Brookfield, Wis., U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, senior
Donnell Whittenburg, New Berlin, Wis., Salto Gymnastics Center, senior
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Elite Team Cup

Region 1


Joseph Pepe, Peoria, Ariz., junior

Arun Chhetri, Culver City, Calif., junior
Toma Murakawa, Van Nuys, Calif., junior
Vahe Petrosyan, Van Nuys, Calif., junior
Cailen Walker, Hercules, Calif., junior
Landon Wu, West Sacramento, Calif., junior

Region 2


Payton Lerwill, Sugar City, Idaho, junior

Xander Agate, Bothell, Wash., junior
Eli Hoberecht, DuPont, Wash., junior
Everett O’Donnell, Lakewood, Wash., junior
Jonah Soltz, Tacoma, Wash., junior
Bradley Stroud, Auburn, Wash., junior

Region 3


Caden Clinton, Cypress, Texas, junior
Dallas Hale, Frisco, Texas, junior
Asher Hong, Tomball, Texas, junior
Cameron Lee, Frisco, Texas, junior
Vishal Mandava, Cypress, Texas, junior
Dave Wolma, Cypress, Texas, junior

Region 4


Nathan Couture, Urbandale, Iowa, junior
Zachary Gilbaugh, Coralville, Iowa, junior
Zach Snyder, Swisher, Iowa, junior

Minnesota Nikolai Kolesnikov, Plymouth, Minn., junior

A.J. Morgan, Lincoln, Neb., junior

Kellen Ryan, Janesville, Wis., junior

Region 5


Tai Gopaul, Buffalo Grove, Ill., junior
Lais Najjar, Oak Brook, Ill., junior
Kai Uemura, Chicago, Ill., junior
Ryan Vanichtheeranont, Plainfield, Ill., junior

Logan Schmitt, Carmel, Ind., junior

Arthur Ashton, Mason, Ohio, junior

(Region 6 isn’t fielding a team this year)
Region 7

New Jersey

Noah Dhaliwal, South Orange, N.J., junior

New York
Justin Ciccone, Rochester, N.Y., junior
Kristian Grahovski, Penfield, N.Y., junior

Joshua Karnes, Erie, Pa., junior

Caleb Melton, Woodbridge, Va., junior

West Virginia
Caden Spencer, Huntington, W.Va., junior

Region 8


Jaden Blank, Lakewood Ranch, Fla., junior
Garrett Schooley, Sarasota, Fla., junior

Maxim Bereznev, Woodstock, Ga., junior
Toby Liang, Roswell, Ga., junior
Danilo Viciana, Marietta, Ga., junior

Alexandru Nitache, Knoxville, Tenn., junior

Region 9


Kyler Hartley, Lakewood, Colo., junior
Max Kephart, Highlands Ranch, Colo., junior
Derek Schlagenhauf, Windsor, Colo., junior

New Mexico
Hunter Mamawal, Albuquerque, N.M., junior
Cayden Mannos, Albuquerque, N.M., junior

Brigham Frentheway, Cheyenne, Wyo., junior
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Brandon Wynn just posted on instagram (in stories) that he is withdrawing from Winter Cup.

Says he wants to wait until his body is at 100% and polished before he competes again. He’s close but not there yet.

In the interview posted above that he did with IG last week it seemed like it was the plan not to be at 100% here, so I wonder why very last minute change of plans.
I’d say at the moment I am at about 75%. The plan is to peak right around June, so we wanted to do an easy routine at Winter Cup, get a competition under our belt and have some fun.
^^ quote from the interview last week. The timing of it all is just strange.
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Reminder that if you’re not subscribed to FloGymnastics, tonight is the only portion of the men’s competition that will be free to view.

7:30pm-10:00pm EST Men’s Winter Cup will air LIVE on NBC Sports Network.

If you miss it tonight it will be archived on USAG’s youtube after.

Though if you dislike Flo, the more ratings men’s gym gets on NBC, the better chance we have of this meet being on NBC again next year instead of entirely on Flo. So tune in live!
watching the men’s competition now. Muldauer had some locked knees on vault and thought we were going to have another Bross moment. Feels weird that Whittenberg is only 26 because it seems like he has been around for ever.

ETA: and man, vault is still tragic. I know there is more points in throwing something you land poorly than in doing something easier and making it great but phew, at least with the women’s VT you don’t think they might die when they go up.
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Why does Yul have his name running all over the front of his uni lol, it looks like the same thing the other 5280 gymnasts are wearing, but Yul customized his to have his name all over instead of 5280?

I mean it’s not bad looking, it’s tastefully done I guess, but just seems an odd thing to do.

He’s lucky to have walked away from that vault without two hyperextended knees. At least it looked like he had finished the twist.
Okay, the honey thing. I really think there should be some rules on how much you are allowed to modify the bars during the competition. Especially since there is no time to clean them sufficiently for the next person who might not want sticky bars. Someone needs to design some automatic bar chalking machines that give you like 10 settings from barely any chalk to lots and lots of chalk but that is all you get and you learn to deal with it. No honey or constantly fussing with the bars. One run to clean the old chalk off and the next run to lay down your setting of chalk. A little chalk zamboni

(I may have thought too deeply about this random topic)
Yul’s “in bars”…are the men allowed to bend their knees or was that a form deduction?
Well Loos and Bock had a great meet. Juda was falling all over the place in the beginning then NBC gave up showing him but he finished in the top 6. Whittenburg looked like he hurt himself on PB and was never shown again, but you could see him getting ready for SR behind someone else walking off.

I love Yul’s PH.

ETA: AA Results
  1. Cameron Bock 84.150
  2. Riley Loos 83.250
  3. Yul Moldauer 82.600
  4. Shane Wiskus 81.250
  5. Allan Bower 81.150
  6. Paul Juda 79.850
  7. Adrian De Los Angeles 79.600
  8. Genki Suzuki 79.200
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Moldauer probably would have won had he not bombed HB - his Achilles heel.

It was a fun meet to watch - although many of the top contenders were not there (like Mikulak, Van Wicklen, and a bunch of Stanford people), and the people who were there had varying levels of preparation due to COVID.

Riley Loos now has a 5.6 vault - one of the few US men to have one.

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