Who did you think was going to make it?

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Whilst none of us could have predicted the delay by a year, looking back to the first half of the “quad”, which athletes did you expect to be in contention for the Olympics but was not.

Mine would be

US: Jordan Bowers, Maile O’Keefe
Russia: Elena Eremina, Ksenia Klimenko
Denise Golgota, Anastasia Bachynska, the Downie sisters, Amy Tinkler, Frags, Ana Padurariu, Eremina, Dipa Karmakar, Liu Tingting, Teramoto, Hurd, Tabea Alt, Axelle Klinckaert, Lorette Charpy, Boglarka Devai, Thais Fidelis, Yessenia Ferreira
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Def Brazil^^.

Even though she was injured at the start of the quad, I loved Perea and really hoped we’d see her gymnastics all throughout the quad.


Also I thought Mustafina would go for 3. But because of Russia’s new seniors, she could rest easy.

Their lack of depth due to Barbosa’s and Andrade’s injuries in 2018-2019 could have been avoided had Liukin not dismissed the other veterans that were still training then.
They could’ve even qualified in 2018, a clean bars rotation is all it would’ve taken. It took a lot of events coming together to prevent Brazil from making it.

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