US Olympic Trials venue change

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Yes Twitter is abuzz. Theres a herd of single people like myself who weren’t going with anyone and also had a single ticket. It’s not a social occasion for most of us. We go to experience the excitement of our favorite sport.
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I got the refund. I found someone who might join my pod of two and buy tickets to one of the sessions but not all 4. Most likely she wants the women’s sessions. The rules are getting relaxed for vaccinated people everywhere else and the airlines are packing people into center seats too. So I’m halfway expecting another swerve in the seating during the new sale.
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In case you are wondering, yes you are required to buy 2 tickets. And the prices have almost doubled for 1 ticket. So to attend would cost almost 4 times as much unless you can convince someone to buy a ticket for twice what they paid before the pandemic.

ETA: I hope this works. When I switched to map view I found one seat open in the middle of the area in front. Of floor exercise for $744 where I only had to buy one ticket. I hope this is valid.

It’s crazy. I’m paying more for 4 days of Olympic Trials than I did for 10 days of Worlds.


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$744? Wow that is insanity. But what can you do? Ticks me off that they hiked the ticket prices so much for people who already purchased a ticket, there should at least be a discount code for that group.
Has anybody here still not gotten their refund? I didn’t buy through a gym, so maybe that’s why, but Ticketmaster basically kicks you off their support chat the minute you ask about a refund, and it’s impossible to get any info. If it’s just slow, cool, but it seems like most people have gotten their refund already?
How do they DARE to ask those prices, this is insane! Are they out to totally destroy the families of their athletes, the fans AND the sport?
Pretty much. I’ve been ranting about the steep ticket prices of USAG events for years. They’re consistently pricing out families and don’t seem to care one bit about it.


For nationals, tickets to senior women day 1 start at $60 per seat, plus fees. Day 2 is $77 plus fees! I just gave it a try and with fees, day 2 will cost a mom and daughter $193 just for the cheapest seats. I can add parking for $30. $223 just to get in the door, never mind the cost of a program, t-shirt, and any food and drink. And if I want physical tickets, that’s an additional costs, too.

And they wonder why they can’t sell out these events.
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That’s insane. I think Mum and I paid $40ish each for our finals tickets to the Melbourne World Cup!

I know the quality of U.S. Olympic Trials is higher than the MWC, but it’s not pulls out calculator 18 times higher.
In 2000, front row seats in the corner of the TD Garden in Boston were $200 and that was for all 4 sessions!
Re: nationals
We got our all session tickets (cheapest) for $227. That is four full days of gymnastics, juniors and seniors.
From the diagram of the stadium, even the cheap seats are good seats. I didn’t balk at the price.
I absolutely don’t care about men’s gymnastics especially the juniors but since I paid for it, I’m going.
I’m just grateful it’s in my area. I’m working half days on Thursday and Friday. The stadium is 20-30 minutes away from my job.
The whole situation was unfortunate and screw the decision makers for waiting till the last s minute to decide. I was lucky to find one seat and not have to buy two. Fi assume they social distancing guidelines left one available after they booked groups before me around the seat I got. The view is comparable to the quality I had before the pandemic or better. Since the competition is not in my area and since I have to travel I want to make sure that it’s worth it. I think it may very well be the last time I travel for watching in person too.

I hope the gymnastics will be great.
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Well aren’t USAG in a black hole financially right now?

I’m not surprised they’re absolutely gouging the ticket price. And selling rights to Flo. They’re DESPERATE for every dollar they can scrape.

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