Uchimura at the 4th Olympics; will do 3.0 D-scores on 5 events, shooting for 10s

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Okay that last part of the title is a lie.

But wouldn’t it be awesome? I would love to see the artistry.

So he’s going as a high bar specialist.
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Is he only doing high bar? I recently was going through vault videos and it’s absurd how many different vaults he did
It does seem like he is only doing HB… I do wish he would do at least PB and I hope he hits and wins HB though!
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The funny thing, to me, is that none of these vaults had incredible blocks. His position on the table was always a little off.

Yurchenko 2.5

Li Xiaopeng, which is where his World titles stopped. He did come back AA the next year, but… not at Worlds.

Kas Full (not particularly challenging. Pretty much every NCAA guy can do this vault.)

I feel like I remember him doing a Randi also. But I could not find it. Help?
Oh I think his blocks are great. Not as much on the Kas heh. But the Yurchenko is great. You could def deduct .2 w the shoulder angle and alignment/pretwist, but I don’t even see a leg separation in the preflight.

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